Medical Malpractice At Chestnut Hill Hospital

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Chestnut Hill Hospital is a hospital in the affluent neighborhood of Chestnut Hill. Located in the northern suburbs of the city of Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill Hospital offers medical services to many of the wealthiest citizens of the region.

8835 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118
(215) 248-8200

However, just like any hospital in the U.S., instances of medical malpractice can also occur at the Chestnut Hill Hospital. If you are the unfortunate victim of a doctor or surgeon’s mistake or negligence, you can be left with injuries that are costly and difficult to overcome. Hiring a medical malpractice attorney like those at the Philadelphia law office of Gilman & Bedigian can be the best way to ensure you get the compensation that you need to make a full recovery.

History of the Chestnut Hill Hospital

The Chestnut Hill Hospital was founded more than 100 years ago and has served the northern Philadelphia region with medical care since its inception.

Originally constructed on the outskirts of Philadelphia, the city has grown to incorporate the surrounding area and turn it into one of the city’s many neighborhoods.

Chestnut Hill Hospital, Today

Now, Chestnut Hill Hospital is a 148-bed medical facility that serves both inpatients and outpatients with a wide variety of medical treatments and has around 300 full-time staff members on hand. There is even an off-site physical therapy center that can provide patients with the recovery treatment that they need to overcome an injury or a complicated medical procedure.

Medical Malpractice at the Chestnut Hill Hospital

Unfortunately, medical mistakes can happen anywhere, and Chestnut Hill Hospital is no exception. The medical professionals there–whether they are doctors, surgeons, nurses, or anesthesiologists–are all human and can all make mistakes. When they do and you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, it can have disastrous effects on your health and saddle you with a serious medical condition that you do not deserve.

That is why medical malpractice lawsuits have come to exist. By making a formal claim for compensation from the person or the people who most caused your new medical condition, filing a medical malpractice case against the professional or the hospital that caused your injury begins the process towards getting the compensation that you need and deserve.

Once filed, you need to show that the hospital or other defendants in the lawsuit had a duty to keep you safe but failed to uphold that duty and that this failure was the cause of your injuries. These elements of a medical malpractice claim, however, are not easy to prove and are made more difficult by the fact that hospitals like Chestnut Hill Hospital have become very good at hiding the truth from injured patients.

This is where the medical malpractice attorneys at Gilman & Bedigian can help. We have represented numerous clients get the compensation they deserved, and have come to understand where hospitals make mistakes and how to prove they were responsible for your injuries.

Contact us online today to get started on your medical malpractice case.

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