Medical Malpractice At Jeanes Hospital

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Jeanes Hospital is one of the several hospitals in the Temple University Health System. Jeanes Hospital offers acute and emergency medical care to the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia. However, like at any other hospital in the United States, instances of medical malpractice can occur at Jeanes Hospital.

Jeanes Hospital

7600 Central Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111
(215) 728-2000

If you happen to be the one who suffers from the negligence of a doctor, you deserve to be compensated for your losses.

History of Jeanes Hospital

Jeanes Hospital was founded in 1928, on the back of a then-massive $200,000 bequest by the local philanthropist Anna T. Jeanes. When it first opened its doors in January of that year, Jeanes Hospital had 46 beds and carried the mission of caring for those who suffered from “cancerous, nervous, and disabling ailments” through a Quaker-minded tradition.

In 1946, Jeanes Hospital opened a surgical wing and increased the number of beds in the facility to nearly 100. The emergency room opened 4 years later, in 1950.

In 1967, the Fox Chase Cancer Center opened next door to the Jeanes Hospital, providing both facilities an opportunity to grow together. Jeanes Hospital’s Surgery Rehabilitation Building opened in 1988 to help with the increased demand for post-surgery services and became the site of the Hospital’s Heart and Surgery Center in 2007.

In 1996, Jeanes Hospital joined the Temple University Health System, connecting it with our medical facilities in the Philadelphia area.

Jeanes Hospital, Today

Now, Jeanes Hospital has 176 licensed beds for patients. In 2012, the hospital also discharged 8,482 acute inpatients, cared for another 110,400 outpatients, and handled 35,000 visits to its emergency room.

The hospital also boasts of several special programs, including:

  • Bariatric surgery,
  • The Heart and Vascular Institute,
  • An Orthopaedic Center,
  • A center for neurosciences,
  • The Tuh Bone Marrow Transplant program, and
  • A program for health at home.

Medical Malpractice at Jeanes Hospital

Any facility that provides medical services, however, can also be the site of an instance of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice happens when a medical professional – including a doctor, surgeon, nurse, and even an anesthesiologist – does something so negligently that it cannot pass for reasonably adequate medical care. This is often the result of negligence, rather than a deliberate decision to provide medical care that is woefully inadequate. Nevertheless, poor medical attention can often be even worse than not receiving any medical care, at all. The injuries that you can suffer from an instance of medical malpractice – whether directly from the mistake or indirectly, from one of the numerous possible complications that come from the mistake – are often costly and life-altering.

That is why the personal injury attorneys at the law office of Gilman & Bedigian represent clients in the Philadelphia area in medical malpractice claims. By being your advocate and voice in court, we can fight for your rights to compensation. Contact us online for the legal help you need.

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