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There are plenty of terrible ways for innocent people to get hurt from someone else’s negligence or poor conduct. Just because the injuries came during rare or especially complicated circumstances, though, does not mean that victims should go uncompensated for the losses they have sustained but did not cause.

Regardless of whether your injuries happened in a common or even classic personal injury situation, like a car accident, or a more novel set of circumstances, like from pollution caused by a drilling company, the personal injury lawyers at Gilman & Bedigian can help.

Fracking Injuries

Most people know about fracking from its impact on the environment. However, there are serious safety risks that it imposes on people who live in areas that are being fracked.

Fracking is a way of drilling for natural gas or oil. By pumping water, sand, and chemicals into shale rock formations, oil and gas companies fracture those rocks apart to let out the natural gas or oil that is hidden, inside. The technique has been used for decades but has only recently become commercially viable.

Extraction and drilling companies claim fracking is perfectly safe, but they are wrong. Numerous class actions have been filed against them for a huge variety of injuries that fracking can cause. Among them are the following accusations.

  • Fracking pollutes well water with the chemicals that are pumped underground to extract oil and gas that people face heightened risks for a variety of diseases and other maladies.
  • Fracking pollutes water and vegetation that is then eaten by livestock, leading to dangerous food-borne toxins.
  • Fracking forces people to spend thousands of dollars per year buying bottled water because their water supply has become polluted by fracking.
  • Fracking increases seismic activity in areas surrounding fracking projects, which can damage homes.
  • Fracking releases dangerous chemicals into the air, causing neurological issues for people nearby.

Taxotere and Hair Loss

Taxotere – the brand name for the chemical compound docetaxel – is a drug used in chemotherapy programs to treat people with a wide variety of cancers. However, it comes with a significant side-effect that its developers covered up for years and only admitted to in 2015: permanent and complete hair loss, or alopecia. Unlike other types of chemotherapy drugs, which only cause temporary hair loss, Taxotere causes hair follicles to stop producing hair. This impacts all parts of a patient’s body, not just their scalp. Numerous class action lawsuits have been filed against the maker of Taxotere, the French company Sanofi-Aventis, Inc., for the problems their product has caused.

Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Another common type of case that the lawyers at Gilman & Bedigian handle are nursing home abuse. Senior citizens who live in nursing homes are entitled to a standard of care that guarantees adequate medical attention and does not leave them injured by the staff. However, as nursing homes cut budgets to pad their bottom lines, nursing staffs have thinned, preventing even the best and busiest staff members from being able to care for all of the residents in the nursing home. As a result, nursing home residents can suffer a wide variety of ailments or injuries, including

  • bed sores,
  • untreated wounds or lacerations,
  • missed prescriptions, and
  • emotional abuse.

Nursing home abuse cases are especially difficult because the abuse can be tough to detect. Even if the residents who are being abused have loved ones to tell about it, they often stay silent. Worse, staff members or even the institution, itself, can take measures to cover up instances of abuse.

Maritime Cases

Because the Mid-Atlantic states in the U.S. are on the ocean and have busy ports and waterways, lots of injuries occur on the water. These incidents get tricky very quickly because it is often unclear which law applies. Whenever a state’s law does not cover a particular case because it happened on the ocean, maritime law can come into play. Because this law is very unique and is designed to further the interests of the people and companies who spend most of their time on the ocean, many lawyers are unfamiliar with its many nuances.

Sexual Harassment and Negligent Hiring

Suffering from sexual harassment is a terrible thing for someone to go through. While the harasser can face criminal charges, the criminal process does not compensate the victim for their difficulties. Victims can file a personal injury lawsuit against their harasser – often claiming that the harassment was a form of assault and battery – but harassers are rarely able to cover the costs of a verdict against them.

In some cases, it is possible to file a lawsuit against a company that put you in constant contact with your harasser, especially if the sexual misconduct happened at work. If your employer knew of the harasser’s history or actions but did nothing to protect you, they could be held liable under a variety of legal arguments and doctrines, including for negligent hiring.

Cell Phones and Cancer

There are several studies that have suggested there might be a connection between cell phones and cancer. These studies indicate that the electromagnetic waves that cell phones use to send files and audio to each other could, in high doses, interact with brain tissues in ways that cause cancerous growths or tumors.

As cell phones become an increasingly integral part of everyone’s life in America, the possibility that they cause cancer could be devastating. Millions of people might be at serious risk of a debilitating and likely fatal health condition, all because cell phone manufacturers failed to realize the dangers of what they were doing. If true, the defective products case could be one of the largest, ever.

Personal Injury Lawyers at Gilman & Bedigian Serve Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Beyond

The personal injury lawyers at Gilman & Bedigian do not just represent car accident victims in court; they also provide legal guidance and advocacy for the victims of all sorts of other incidents that are caused by someone else’s negligence.

Contact us online if you have been hurt in a case that does not fit within the usual categories of personal injury law. Our attorneys can still help you recover the compensation that you need and deserve.

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