Personal Injury In Salisbury, Maryland

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Salisbury is a major city in the state of Maryland, located in the state’s eastern shore region, to the south of Delaware and across the Chesapeake Bay from most of the rest of Maryland. The city has seen significant growth in recent decades, and has one of the fastest-growing economies in the country, despite being isolated from the major metropolitan areas of Maryland and nearby Virginia.

Like other cities in Maryland and the rest of the United States, though, accidents can happen in Salisbury that leave you injured and in need of medical attention. The cost of recovery, however, might be beyond your ability to pay. This can be especially frustrating when the accident that led to your injury was caused by someone else, and you were completely innocent. Should this ever happen to you, filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person or people who were ultimately responsible for your injuries can be the best way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

The personal injury attorneys at the law office of Gilman & Bedigian can fight for your legal rights and financial interests both in and out of court. By being your legal representative, our lawyers can do all there is to do to ensure you get the compensation that you need and deserve to make a full recovery.


In the 2010 census, Salisbury was a city of 30,343 residents. However, the city’s population has risen by around 25% every decade since the start of the 1990s, so the population has likely increased by several thousand since the census.

This rapid growth that Salisbury has experienced in the past few decades has largely been due to the locale’s strong economy and its unique culture in a laid-back part of an otherwise bustling state. For several years in a row, the United States Conference of Mayors has listed the area around Salisbury, Maryland among its listing of locales with the highest rates of job growth.

However, some of this job growth can be attributed to the region’s steep decline after Hurricane Sandy hit the area in 2012. The damage was so significant that Salisbury was put in a state of emergency and a curfew was implemented to help the area deal with the unprecedented flooding. The severe damage from the hurricane put many businesses and industries in Salisbury out of business, hurting its economy for a few years before it started to rebound.

A lot of the jobs and businesses in Salisbury are centered on the area’s largest employer, Perdue Farms. The multi-national chicken business is headquartered in Salisbury, and employs nearly 22,000 people, more than any other employer in the area, by far. The Peninsula Regional Medical Center, located in downtown Salisbury, is one of the other major employers in the area, providing jobs for about 3,300 more workers.

Salisbury, however, is not just a place where people go to work. The city has its own zoo and several museums. However, the social culture of Salisbury has centered on the sport of baseball for most of its history.

Salisbury was the home to the Eastern Shore Baseball League, an independent minor league based on Maryland’s eastern shore, from 1922 through 1949. Numerous eventual Hall of Fame ballplayers passed through the system and instilled a love of baseball in Salisbury from then on. Currently, Salisbury is home to the Baltimore Orioles’ Single-A affiliate, the Salisbury Shorebirds. Additionally, the local Salisbury University competes in the upper echelons of the D-III level in baseball and numerous other sports.

Personal Injury Lawsuits in Salisbury

Just like in every other city in Maryland and the United States, accidents can happen in Salisbury, too. While every accident is different, and every victim suffers different injuries, Maryland personal injury law requires you to show four things if you want to get compensation for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit:

  1. The person who hurt you owed you a duty of care to keep you out of harm’s way,
  2. That person breached their duty of care,
  3. That breach caused your injuries, and
  4. You were, in fact, injured in some way.

Personal injury law in Maryland requires that people act like a reasonably prudent person to keep others out of harm’s way. Of course, what a “reasonably prudent person” would do depends on the specific circumstances. Most of the time, though, a reasonably prudent person would refrain from any conduct or activity that would foreseeably lead to an injury.

Once it has been established whether someone else owed you a duty of care, the next step in a personal injury case is to show that what they did violated this duty of care. If the person that hurt you failed to uphold their duty of care, they could be held liable for your injuries.

Just because someone else had a legal duty to keep you safe and failed to uphold that duty, though, does not necessarily mean that they will be held liable for your injuries and owe you compensation. You still have to show that their poor conduct or negligence was the cause of your losses. This requires you to show two different things:

  1. But for the other person’s conduct, you would not have been hurt, and
  2. The other person’s conduct was not so attenuated from your injuries that it would be unfair to hold them liable.

Because personal injury cases are all about getting you the compensation that you need and deserve to recover from your injuries, showing exactly what you lost in the accident is crucial. Collectively, your losses are called “damages.” These include not just the cost of your medical bills, though. They also include the costs you will likely face in the future from your injuries, the wages you have already lost because of your injuries and those that you will likely lose in the future, the pain and suffering that you and your family have gone through, and potentially other kinds of compensation, as well.

Car and Truck Accidents

The most common situation for a personal injury case in Salisbury is a car accident. Drivers are supposed to drive in a way that keeps others reasonably safe. However, people speed or drive while distracted or under the influence all the time. When they drive negligently and this creates an accident that causes you to get hurt, you could get compensation from the other driver for your losses.

Animal Attacks

Another common personal injury situation in Salisbury is a dog bite. All dog owners are convinced that their pet is perfectly friendly. However, if a dog gets aggravated or defensive, they can lash out without much warning. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could suffer a serious injury from a dog attack. Worse, children are far more likely than an adult to suffer a dog bite injury, which can leave them with injuries that debilitate them for far longer than they would a grown-up.

Slip and Falls

Whenever you are on someone else’s property, the landowner or operator owes you a legal duty of care to keep you safe from hazards on the property. If they fail to uphold this duty, they could be subject to premises liability. This is true even if you are trespassing on the property, though a landowner’s duty of care increases if you have been invited onto the premises or if you are there for the financial benefit of the owner or operator.

In Salisbury, this is especially important because of all of the sporting events and venues in the city. If you go to a baseball game and get hurt because of something that happened there – whether it was a railing or a seat that collapsed or a bar or ball came from the field to hit you – you might have legal options to get the compensation that you deserve.

Medical Negligence

Salisbury, like most other cities of its size, has numerous doctors and other medical professionals in the area, including the Peninsula Regional Medical Center. These medical professionals and facilities all owe a duty of care to their patients. If they fail to uphold that duty of care, it can amount to medical malpractice. While a rare type of personal injury case, when medical malpractice does happen, it is often very serious or even fatal.

Salisbury Personal Injury Attorneys at Gilman & Bedigian

Getting hurt because of someone else’s negligence or mistakes is never an easy thing to go through. It can leave you with steep medical bills to pay and can even leave you with a debilitating injury that takes years to recover from.

When this happens, protecting your legal rights and interests is important. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be the best way to ensure that you get the compensation that you need and deserve for your losses.

If you have been hurt in an accident in Salisbury, Maryland, contact the law office of Gilman & Bedigian. Reach out to them by calling their law office at (800) 529-6162 or contacting them online.

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