Personal Injury In Glenarden, Maryland

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Glenarden is a town in central Maryland just a handful of miles to the east of Washington, D.C. Because of its close proximity to the nation’s capital, Glenarden has evolved as a commuter town for the many workers who spend their daytimes in the city, but who want to spend their nights and weekends somewhere quieter.

Even though it is a quiet and residential community, Glenarden can still be the site of an accident that leads to a significant personal injury. It is unfortunate when the person who caused the accident is the one who gets hurt because of it. However, when it is someone else who suffers, that is problematic.

In Maryland, that is when a personal injury claim can make justice work. By using a personal injury lawsuit to make a formal claim for compensation from the person or people who caused the accident and hurt you, you can protect your legal rights to compensation for what you have lost. This is where the personal injury attorneys at the law office of Gilman & Bedigian can help. By acting as your legal representative through the whole process, we can guide you to success.


Glenarden is a small community in central Maryland, about ten miles east of the state’s border with the District of Columbia. Glenarden had a population of exactly 6,000 during the 2010 census, the result of significant growth since its incorporation into a Maryland town in the middle of the 20th century. Ever since its founding, Glenarden has been a town with a strong African-American presence. At the time of its incorporation, Glenarden was only the third predominantly African-American town in the state. During the 2010 census, 92% of the population was African-American, down from almost 96% during the census in 2000.

Glenarden is locally known for its location close to Washington, D.C., making it an excellent place to live while working in the city. It is right on the Capital Beltway – Interstate 495 – which circles the city, and is very close to three other major arteries that run into the District of Columbia – Routes 50, 202, and 704. Because of this location on or near several thoroughfares into the city, Glenarden has grown rapidly since its founding as more and more people working in the city look for affordable housing in its suburbs.

Right on the border of Glenarden and neighboring Hyattsville is one of the busiest sporting venues in the Washington, D.C. region – FedEx Field, the home of the Washington Redskins. With a seating capacity of 82,000, it has been attracting massive crowds to the area on football weekends since it opened in time of the 1997 regular season.

Personal Injury Claims in Glenarden

Despite being a quiet and suburban community, accidents can still happen in Glenarden on a regular basis. Each time one happens, the chance exists for someone to get hurt, and when that does happen, it can be a tragedy. Even if the injury is not a fatal one or even if it is not very severe, it can still cost tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and be debilitating enough that it causes you to miss work and lose your income for a long period of time.

When this happens, it can be very frustrating because you know that it was not your fault that you got hurt – someone else was negligent, but you are the person who is paying for it through your injuries. This is why personal injury claims are so important – they give you the opportunity to get compensated for the losses you have incurred, but which you in no way deserved.

To succeed in a personal injury lawsuit, you need to show four things:

  1. The person you are suing owed you a duty of care,
  2. Despite having the duty of care, the other person failed to uphold it, breaching their duty of care,
  3. That breach was the cause of your injuries, and
  4. The extent of your injuries, also known as legal damages.

Duty of Care

Everyone in Maryland is legally obligated to act with reasonable care for the safety of others when their conduct could foreseeably cause someone else to get hurt. This is the general duty of care that people need to uphold. While there are exceptions to this general rule that make it stronger or weaker, once someone else has a duty of care to keep you safe or at least to avoid hurting you, if they break it they could become liable for your injuries.

Breaching the Duty of Care

If someone else acts in ways that do not comport with their duty of care towards you, they may have breached their responsibility to keep you out of harm’s way. Even if this was an unintentional act or oversight on their part, if it caused you to get hurt, it is only fair for them to compensate you for what you have gone through at their negligent hands.


Even if someone owed you a duty of care and they breached it in a magnificent way, it would be unfair to hold them liable for your injuries if their conduct was not the cause of your pain and suffering. Because of this, Maryland’s personal injury law requires you to show that your injuries were caused by their breach of their duty of care. This takes two things:

  1. You have to show that, but for the other person’s conduct, you would not have gotten hurt, and
  2. The other person’s conduct was not so attenuated from your injuries that it would be unfair to still hold them liable.

Legal Damages

Personal injury cases are all about getting accident victims the compensation they deserve. However, the only way to know how much compensation is enough is to fully understand the extent to which you were hurt or set back from the accident. This is why it is up to the party filing the personal injury lawsuit to prove their legal damages.

Luckily, in Maryland personal injury claims, legal damages go far beyond just the cost of your medical bills. It also includes things like:

  • The future medical costs of dealing with your injuries,
  • Your lost wages,
  • If your injuries prevent you from earning income that you were foreseeably going to make, that lost earning capacity,
  • Your pain and suffering from the injuries caused by the accident, and
  • The emotional trauma felt by your family by your absence.

Car Accidents in Glenarden

Car accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury case, especially in a town of commuters that sits on numerous major arteries, like Glenarden. Drivers have a duty of care to drive reasonably safely because when they do not, it is foreseeable that it would put others at risk. Nevertheless, drivers rarely seem to take this responsibility seriously, driving drunk or while distracted all the time. If this causes an accident that gets you hurt, you need to enforce your legal rights to compensation.

Dog Bites

Towns like Glenarden often have lots of dog owners. However, wherever there is a dog, there is the possibility of a dog bite injury. Dogs – even those whose owners are convinced are harmless – can get territorial or protective, or can get provoked. If this should ever happen, they could lash out at an unfamiliar face and cause a severe and emotionally traumatic injury. Unfortunately, the most common types of victims in dog bite cases are young children who might not know when to back away from a dog. When this is the case, it is crucial to get compensation for your child’s injuries, because they often come with long-term repercussions.

Premises Liability

People who own property in Glenarden, whether it is for a business or if it is just a home, owe a duty of care to anyone who comes to visit. While the extent of this duty of care and therefore how to uphold it depends on the relationship between the property owner and the visitor, whenever the owner breaches their duty of care, they can face premises liability. This is true even if you visit someone else’s property without their permission – even trespassers have some legal rights, so if you get hurt while trespassing on someone else’s grounds, you could still get compensated for your losses if the circumstances are right.

Gilman & Bedigian: Personal Injury Attorneys in Glenarden

Car crashes, dog bites, and slip and fall cases are just a few of the numerous kinds of personal injury cases that can happen in Glenarden or the rest of Maryland. The attorneys at the law offices of Gilman & Bedigian, however, are well-versed in them all and have successfully navigated clients to good results in each.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a personal injury scenario in Glenarden, reach out to our attorneys to get the legal representation you need to get the compensation you deserve. Call us at (800) 529-6162 or contact us online.

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