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Montgomery County is a county in the state of Maryland, located in the center of the state and immediately to the northwest of the District of Columbia. It is the most populous county in Maryland, in large part because of a surge in population after World War II that resulted because of the growth of Washington, D.C. and the federal government. Montgomery County is well known for having one of the highest income rates in the country, as well as the highest percentage of residents with post-graduate degrees.

Despite the affluence and intelligence of the community in Montgomery County, accidents can still happen because of someone’s negligent conduct. If this happens and you are the one to get hurt, you have a right to be compensated if you were not responsible for the accident happening. Unfortunately, getting the compensation that you need and deserve for your losses is not always an easy thing to make happen. Oftentimes, the only way to get fully compensated for what you have lost in the accident takes a personal injury lawsuit to enforce your rights to the financial help that you deserve to get from those who were ultimately responsible.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County is a county in central Maryland, just to the northwest of Washington, D.C. The county has a total of 507 square miles, with nearly all of them land area. However, during the 2010 census, Montgomery County had a population of 971,777, making for a high population density of 1,978 people per square mile. This is in large part because of some highly-populated but unincorporated communities like Silver Spring and Bethesda, which sit right on the border of the District of Columbia and had estimated populations of 76,716 and 63,374 in 2013, respectively. Because these areas are not formally incorporated into towns or cities, though, their boundaries are still undefined, so exact population counts are impossible. Out of the incorporated areas in Montgomery County, the county seat, Rockville, is the largest with a 2010 population of 61,209.

Despite the high number of people who live in Montgomery County, the area is nevertheless one of the most affluent in the country. During the 2010 census, Montgomery County residents had a median household income of $93,373, one of the highest in both Maryland and the country. This high degree of affluence is relatively widespread, with only a small percentage, 4.6%, of Montgomery County’s residents living beneath the federal poverty line.

One of the main reasons for this high degree of affluence in Montgomery County is a large number of upper-level jobs available in the federal government. With numerous U.S. Departments – including Defense, Commerce, and Health and Human Services – employing several thousands of Montgomery County residents each, it should come as no surprise that the income of the average resident in the area is so high, and that 29.2% of Montgomery County residents have a postgraduate degree of some sort.

Personal Injury in Montgomery County

Just because Montgomery County is one of the most affluent places in the country and has lots of intelligent and well-educated people, though, does not mean that people within its borders never act negligently or cause accidents. These unfortunate events happen everywhere. If you or someone you love gets hurt in such an accident, though, there is no reason why you should be the one to pay for the costs of your recovery and for your other losses. The person or the people who ultimately caused the unfortunate circumstance should be made to cover your expenses because they were the ones that were most at fault.

Interstate 270

There are numerous different kinds of situations that can lead to an accidental injury. However, a car accident is one of the most common. In Montgomery County, the place where serious vehicle accidents happen the most often is on Interstate 270.

This highway runs from the city of Frederick to the northwest, towards Washington, D.C., to the southeast of Montgomery County, terminating just to the northwest of Bethesda into Interstate 495. Because it runs through so many highly-populated areas in Montgomery County, I-270 carries thousands of people every day, clogging traffic and making for a potentially dangerous ride. Worse, because of its high-speed limits, any car accidents that happen on Interstate 270 can be very serious, with the potential for severe or even fatal injuries.

Importantly, Maryland’s personal injury law puts a legal duty on drivers to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. If they violate this legal duty by, for example, speeding or driving while distracted, and this causes an accident that ends with you getting hurt, you have a legal right to be compensated for your losses that result from the accident.

Holy Cross Hospital

Medical malpractice is another kind of personal injury that you should be compensated for, should you ever suffer from it. While relatively uncommon when compared to car accidents, medical malpractice can lead to some of the most severe personal injuries that you can suffer, in large part because of the internal nature of the injuries and the fact that your health is often already compromised.

In Montgomery County, one of the most common places to suffer from an instance of medical malpractice is at the Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Springs, simply because of the number of people that this facility treats on a regular basis. With over 1,400 physicians and 4,200 employees on its payroll, the Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Springs, Maryland, is one of the largest hospitals in the state, with 443 beds that allow it to provide medical services to nearly 200,000 outpatients every year.

Just like drivers have a legal duty to drive reasonably safely, doctors and other medical professionals have a legal duty to provide reasonable medical care to their patients. Should they ever violate this legal obligation, they will owe their injured patient compensation for their losses through Maryland’s medical malpractice law.

Premises Liability

Another common source of personal injuries in Montgomery County is a slip and fall injury. When these injuries happen on someone else’s property, you could be owed compensation through Maryland’s premises liability law.

One of the main tourist attractions in Montgomery County that can lead to a slip and fall situations is the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. The largest agricultural fair in Maryland, the weeklong Montgomery County Agricultural Fair attracts around 225,000 people every year in August. However, each and every one of these patrons run the risk of hurting themselves on a dangerous condition on the fair’s premises, which spans 62 acres in the town of Gaithersburg. The fair’s organizers are responsible for taking reasonable steps towards ensuring that their premises are reasonably safe for all comers. If they fail to take one of these steps and it leads to your injury, you should be compensated for their oversight.

Montgomery County Courthouse

If you get hurt while in Montgomery County and decide to file a personal injury lawsuit to get the compensation that you deserve, your case will be heard by either the Montgomery County District Court or the Montgomery County Circuit Court. Both of these courthouses are in Rockville, the county seat of Montgomery County. The Circuit Court is located at 50 Maryland Avenue, while the District Court is across the street, at 191 East Jefferson Street. Parking for either building is available in public lots in the area.

Importantly, though, if you want to enforce your rights to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, you will need to initiate the lawsuit within a set timeframe or else Maryland’s statute of limitations will prevent you from filing the lawsuit. When it comes to most kinds of personal injury claims, that timeframe is three years: Any personal injury lawsuit that is filed more than three years after the incident will be blocked by the statute of limitations, no matter how good of a case you have.

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Montgomery County

The personal injury attorneys at the law office of Gilman & Bedigian know and understand how difficult it can be if you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident that was caused by someone else. Not only do you need to recover from an injury that you did not deserve, but you also have to pay for the costs of your recovery and for the other losses that you have incurred from the accident.

Getting compensated for your losses by the person or the people who were ultimately responsible is crucial for your future financial well-being. That is where we can help. By serving as your legal representative, we can fight for your rights and interests both in and out of court to ensure you get the help you need from the people who should be helping you. Contact us online or call our law office at (800) 529-6162 for a free consultation that will help you understand your rights and how you can best enforce them.

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