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Caroline County is a county in the state of Maryland, located on the state’s Eastern Shore along its eastern border with the state of Delaware. A rural county, Caroline County is small in both land area and population when compared to the other counties in Maryland, and is the only county on the Eastern Shore of Maryland that does not have a U.S. Highway within its borders.

Despite its small size and population, accidents can still happen in Caroline County that can leave you severely hurt, even though you did not cause them. If this happens to you or to someone you love, you can fight to enforce your legal rights to compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. In Caroline County, these legal claims would be heard by the Caroline County Circuit Court in the county seat, Denton.

Caroline County

Caroline County is a county in eastern Maryland. It is the only landlocked county in Maryland on the state’s Eastern Shore, trapped inland without a border on either the Atlantic Ocean, to the east, or the Chesapeake Bay, to the west. Instead, the borders of Caroline County are the border with Delaware to the east, which runs north and south along the Mason-Dixon Line, Route 302 and a couple of other roads to the county’s north, the Mason Branch, Tuckahoe Creek, and Choptank River, to the west, and Hunting Creek and Routes 318 and 577, to the south. Between these boundaries lie 326 square miles, all but 6.5 of them on land, making Caroline County the second-smallest county in the state of Maryland by total area, behind only Howard County, which has a total area of only 253 square miles.

The lack of major roadways going through Caroline County, along with the lack of a coastal area, has left the region outside of the hustle and bustle of the rest of the state. While this means that Caroline County is a quiet area to live in, there is little in the way of urban life or the active economy that tends to come with cities, now, leaving Caroline County largely reliant on agriculture to power the financial future of the region. In fact, Caroline County has the seventh-most amount of land under protection by the Agriculture Preservation Program in the country.

In addition to agriculture, though, the rural nature of Caroline County means it is also the home to some of Maryland’s larger parks and other untamed areas outside of the state’s western reaches into the Appalachians. Both the Martinak and the Tuckahoe State Parks are inside Caroline County, as is the Idyllwild State Wildlife Management Area, providing plenty of places to enjoy nature out in the wild.

Personal Injuries in Caroline County

Despite its remoteness from the rest of Maryland, accidents happen in Caroline County all the time, leading to innocent people suffering serious personal injuries. Because they did not cause or contribute to the events that led to their injuries, these accident victims deserve to be compensated for their losses by those who were ultimately responsible.

This is why Maryland allows accident victims to file personal injury lawsuits against the person or the people who caused the accident that led to their injuries. By filing such a lawsuit, you make a formal claim to compensation and, in so doing, enforce your legal rights to be reimbursed for your losses. The situations where personal injury lawsuits can be useful are numerous and encapsulate some of the most common sources of accidents in Caroline County.

Car Accidents in Caroline County

Caroline County is one of only three counties in Maryland that do not have either an interstate highway or a U.S. highway running through it and is the only county on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to not have one. Instead, Caroline County is serviced by numerous state routes, which crisscross the county between its small towns and cut through its rural areas. The busiest of these is Maryland Route 404, which comes from the western side of the county where it originates at Route 50, passes through the town of Denton, the largest in Caroline County, and continues eastward through Delaware towards the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

While many of the worst car accidents happen on Route 404, in Caroline County they are also interspersed on the rural highways and other routes, as well.

Legally, drivers in Maryland owe a duty of care to the others on the road to drive like a reasonably prudent person. However, on Route 404 and the other roads in Caroline County, this seems to be a rare thing to do. Drivers speed, tailgate, and drive while either distracted or drunk at a frighteningly high rate. If these poor driving tactics lead to an accident that ends with you or a loved one getting hurt, filing a personal injury claim against the driver that caused the accident can be the best way to ensure you get the financial recovery you deserve.

Injuries on Government Property

State Parks

Because it is such an isolated area in the state of Maryland, it should come as no surprise that Caroline County has some of the state’s most pristine wilderness and natural areas outside of the Appalachian Mountains. Two of the most impressive of these areas are the Martinak State Park and the Tuckahoe State Park.

The Martinak State Park provides 105 acres of fishing, boating, hiking, and camping opportunities. It even has several cabins on the grounds for campers to use. The Tuckahoe State Park has similar opportunities on its 3,929 acres but also has plenty of trails for biking and horseback riding, as well as hunting and a playground for children made out of recycled tires. The Adkins Arboretum is also located on the grounds of the Tuckahoe State Park.

However, accidents can still happen in these parks, and you can get hurt through no fault of your own if you do not notice a dangerous condition on the property that poses a threat to your well-being. In these situations, the owner or the manager of the property – in the cases of these two parks, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources – could be liable to you in premises liability for not keeping their grounds safe enough for you to use. This works because Maryland’s personal injury law requires landowners to take reasonable precautions to keep their premises safe, and the precautions they need to take are at their highest when the property is open to the public.

Historical Sites

Similarly, accidents that happen at Linchester Mill and numerous other historical sites that are spread throughout Caroline County can be the source of a personal injury situation if you slip and fall and get hurt while on public grounds. These historical sites are frequently held open to the public by local governments or historical societies to let members of the public in Caroline County see how things used to be in their area, long ago. However, the buildings that typically house these historical museums are often relics, themselves, with unique dangers to visitors that many people might not be aware of and have no way of foreseeing.

Just like with regard to the state parks in Caroline County, if the owner or manager of one of these historical sites fails to uphold their duty of care to keep their premises safe, and this causes an accident that ends with you or a loved one getting hurt, a personal injury lawsuit can be the best way to ensure you get the proper financial compensation you need to make a full recovery.

Caroline County’s Courthouse

If you or someone you love gets involved in an accident in Caroline County and gets hurt, if you want to enforce your legal rights to compensation, your case will go before the Caroline County Circuit Court. This court is located at 109 Market Street, in Denton, Maryland. This courthouse was built in 1895 after the prior building could no longer hold all of the county’s affairs. It was extensively renovated in 1966 after serving as the location for one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s nationally-broadcast speeches in 1938. Unfortunately, there is only limited parking for this courthouse on the streets and lots surrounding the block, so getting there with some time to spare before your court appearance might be wise.

Personal Injury Attorneys at Gilman & Bedigian Serve Caroline County

If you get hurt in an accident that you did not cause in Caroline County, you should be compensated for your losses. This often takes a personal injury lawsuit to accomplish, though. That is why the personal injury attorneys at the law office of Gilman & Bedigian work tirelessly to represent accident victims throughout Maryland, including in Caroline County. Contact us online or call our law office at (800) 529-6162 for a free consultation.

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