Multiple Vehicle Accidents In DC

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Anyone involved in a multiple vehicle accident understands just how frightening the experience can be. After the shock of getting hit by another car, suddenly the vehicle is rocked by another crash. The occupants may have no idea how many cars were involved or exactly what started the accident. Multiple vehicle accidents often involve serious injuries for the drivers and passengers. Unfortunately, even after seeking medical treatment, the real nightmare of a multiple vehicle accident may be dealing with the insurance company after the accident, in trying to get compensation for your injuries and damaged car.

Causes of Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Accidents in DC can be caused by any number of reasons. Some drivers are in a hurry, speeding and ignoring traffic signals. Other drivers are distracted by their phones and are not paying attention to the traffic around them. DC also has a number of tourists who visit every year, many of whom are not familiar with traffic patterns or the reversible rush hour lanes. Intoxicated drivers, drowsy drivers, and inexperienced drivers can also be responsible for causing an accident.

Some types of driving conditions make it more likely that multiple cars will be involved in an accident. With bumper to bumper traffic, although the speeds may be slow, getting rear-ended by one car may send the car in front forward, rear-ending another car. These accidents may only involve minor injuries; however, even low-speed collisions could result in serious neck or spinal injuries and should be evaluated by a medical professional.

The weather can also increase the chances of a multiple vehicle accident. Rain, snow, or icy conditions can make it take longer for a car to come to a stop. Many drivers don’t take this extra distance into account and drive like normal even when the weather is bad. However, if a car in front of them is suddenly hit, they may not have the time or distance to stop their car before they end up crashing into the vehicles. Low visibility from rain, snow or fog can also increase the likelihood of a multi-car crash.

Who is Liable in a Multiple Vehicle Accident?

When two vehicles are involved in an accident, determining who was responsible for the accident may be determined by an accident investigation, interviewing witnesses, or one of the drivers admitting responsibility. Even if the drivers dispute who was at fault, your attorney can investigate your case and help establish that the other driver was the one who caused the accident. However, when more than two vehicles are involved, liability gets much more complicated.

The complications usually begin immediately after the accident. One driver may blame the other driver, while a third driver blames both of the other drivers. If things start to get heated, it may be a good idea to call Metro police to do an accident investigation. This will ensure that you have the contact information and insurance information for everyone involved.

Some drivers may want to avoid reporting the accident and try and convince the other drivers not to get the insurance companies involved. They may think they can pay less money and avoid a higher insurance premium; however, this is always a risky venture, and in some cases, it may be against your insurance agreement and against the law. The driver may be uninsured or be driving on a suspended license, or they may never intend to pay anything after they drive away from the accident.

Once drivers report the accident to their insurance company, each insurance company will determine whether or not they have to pay a claim for the accident. When multiple drivers are involved, the insurance company may be less willing to admit fault because the damages involved may be multiplied by the number of vehicles involved. This may even result in your own insurance company refusing to pay your claim, or only offering to pay a portion of your damages. Once your insurance company starts to play games with your compensation, you should consider talking to an attorney.

An accident can result in expensive medical bills, car repairs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Some injuries may be permanent, partially disabling the individual for the rest of their lives. If you were not responsible for the accident you should not have to pay the price for someone else’s negligence. Your attorney will fight for you to make sure you are compensated for your injuries. You should not have to argue with the insurance company when you did nothing wrong. Let your lawyer deal with the insurance company so you can focus on recovery.

DC Multiple Vehicle Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been injured in a multiple vehicle accident, the law firm of Gilman & Bedigian is here to help. Liability in these accidents can be complicated and contentious. This is why you should talk to a lawyer about taking on your case, so you won’t be on the hook for someone else’s negligence. Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with automobile accident cases throughout the DC Metro area. We will fight for your rights to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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