Gilman & Bedigian In The News - NBC Nightly news Transcript

A criminal investigation has been launched over a troubling seen caught on tape in Baltimore it shows a school police officer slapping a young man in the face multiple times and then kicking him it's just the latest incident raising questions about the use of force among Baltimore law enforcement. NBC's Ron Mod has the story.

Ron: *** Tonight an investigation is underway in Baltimore over this four second cell phone video showing a school police officer slapping and kicking a sixteen year old boy while a second officer looked on.

Parent: As a parent of a Baltimore City school student and I was appalled by what I saw. The mayor who city is closely watching a series of criminal trials of police officers and the death of {inaudible] Gray sounded exasperated by another police involved controversy. Officials say the two officers were responding to a report of school intruders but a lawyer for the tenth grader and his family told N.B.C. News he is enrolled as a student there. The child and the family want to keep their names private attorney Lauren Geyser said he's a minor child he was injured and his family is traumatized by what happened. In 2014 another Baltimore City Schools police officer was seen on camera hitting a female student with a baton the officer later pleaded guilty to assault. The city schools police chief says he's also troubled by what he saw.

Police Chief: According to our use of force continum definitely excessive force was used.

Reporter: In a statement the state's attorney's office that it takes this matter very seriously and is working closely with the city's police department and school police to investigate, those forces operate separately. Law enforcement in Baltimore once again making headlines Ron Mod NBC news.

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