Gilman & Bedigian In The News - ABC News Good Morning America Transcript

Anchor: Caught on Camera encounter between an officer and a teen triggering outrage at a Baltimore Public School. This morning the footage shows the officer slapping and kicking a student A.B.C.'s Mary Bruce has the details story says from Baltimore, morning Mary.

Mary: Hi Robin good morning, well what happened here is hard to watch the video is just a few seconds long but it has already sparked what the school system is calling a vigorous investigation. This morning Baltimore prosecutors launching a criminal investigation into this brutal attack caught on tape the video just four seconds long going viral watch as an on school police officer at Baltimore's reach partnership school slapped this sixteen year old boy three times before kicking him. Look closely a second officer standing next to him doesn't flinch or react the video sending shock waves through the community.

Parent: As a parent of a Baltimore City school student I was appalled by what I saw the behavior that was demonstrated on the video was certainly something you never want to see.

Reporter: This morning school officials telling N.B.C. News the two officers have been sent on administrative leave.

School representative: This incident is not indicative this is unacceptable it's not behavior that will be ever be tolerated by any city school employee. But this is an isolated incident.

Reporter: Words of little comfort for this team whose lawyers say suffered injuries to his ribs and his face, his family have asked to keep his identity private.

Att Bedigian: This isn't the Wild Wild West even if in fact our client had done something to provoke the incident it's not an eye for an eye that's not how police are trained.

Now his lawyer says that is a student here but officials are not and that his presence here on these grounds is now under investigation George and Robin.

Wow thank goodness the camera was there. That's true. Very unfortunate.

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