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Compared to other car insurance companies, State Auto has relatively few customers in the region. However, thousands of people in the area still rely on them for their auto insurance coverage, so it is not out of the question that you deal with State Auto, even if you are not directly covered by them.

The personal injury lawyers at Gilman & Bedigian can help you deal with State Auto if you think they are not taking your insurance claims seriously or want to explore your legal options to recover the compensation that you really deserve after an accident.

Who is State Auto?

Many insurance companies have robust brands that rely on near constant advertisements across all mediums. State Auto is not one of those companies. Instead, State Auto flies under the radar and has largely relied on word-of-mouth advertising to obtain $2 billion in premiums through its numerous subsidiary companies, which include Milbank Insurance Company, Farmers Casualty Insurance Company, and others. Together, these insurance companies provide insurance in 33 states. State Auto itself has a regional headquarters nearby in Baltimore, Maryland.

State Auto’s Insurance Claims Process

If you are covered by State Auto and have been involved in an accident, then you can file a claim online or by talking to your local insurance representative. Once notified of the incident, State Auto will dispatch an insurance adjuster to survey the damage to your vehicle and to see the extent of your personal injuries. Once this investigation has been completed, the insurance adjuster will decide whether to make an initial offer to settle the case or deny your claim. If an offer is made, then accepting it would involve waiving your rights to pursuing your legal rights any further.

If you are not covered by State Auto, but you were hurt by someone who is, then you can file what is called a third party claim with State Auto to pursue compensation for your losses. The process for third-party claims is similar – an insurance adjuster will be sent to ascertain the extent of the damages and either make an initial offer or deny your claim. However, the treatment that you are likely to receive for making a third-party claim against State Auto is almost guaranteed to be less than if you were one of their customers. After all, you are not paying them any premiums if you are not a customer, so they will care very little if you do not like their service.

State Auto’s Initial Settlement Offer, Compared to Other Insurance Companies

Different insurance companies have different business models that determine whether they make an initial settlement offer, and how much they offer. All insurance companies initially offer an amount that is a mere fraction of what you deserve. What that fraction is and how often they deny a claim outright, though, varies considerably between insurance companies.

State Auto has a reputation of being an outlier when it comes to initial offers: They almost never make them. While most other companies have insurance adjusters who act personable and as if they are looking out for their customers, but who then skimp on paying any claim that hits their desks, State Auto’s insurance adjusters tend to play hardball from the very beginning. Instead of making a settlement offer – even one that is way below what you deserve to receive – State Auto tends to deny any claim it could conceivably get away from. Accident victims, whether filing a third party claim against State Auto or one of State Auto’s own customers, often have to file a lawsuit to even get the settlement negotiation started.

Initial Settlement Offers, if Made, Poorly Represent What You Deserve

If State Auto does make an initial offer of payment, it is important to remember that all insurance companies are for-profit ventures that have a vested interest in paying out as little as they can to cover your losses, no matter how bad they are. Initial offers, therefore, are designed to be as attractive as possible to the victim, while also saving the insurance company lots of money by getting you to waive your legal rights to a lawsuit.

Filing a Lawsuit Against State Auto for Compensation

Filing a lawsuit against State Auto is often a better way to get the compensation that you need and deserve after an accident. Hiring a personal injury lawyer and initiating the lawsuit is almost certain to increase the settlement offer that State Auto is making – if they are making one, of course – because it shows that you are being serious about your rights. If you were denied coverage by State Auto for your losses, filing a lawsuit can be the most effective way to challenge the denial and make sure you get the coverage you signed up for, or that State Auto has promised to provide.

Gilman & Bedigian: Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Victims Against Insurance

After an accident, victims face what can feel like an insurmountable task: Not just overcoming their injuries and losses, but also pursuing insurance companies for the coverage that they had promised to provide before the incident. Many insurance companies are quick to demand premium payments but very slow to uphold their end of the bargain. State Auto is one of them, and hiring an attorney can be your only way to make them play fair and fulfill their promises.

That is why the personal injury lawyers at Gilman & Bedigian work to legally represent accident victims in their negotiations with insurance companies. With our experience valuing claims, we come to the table armed with a solid understanding of the compensation that you need to overcome your losses and that you deserve to receive. Lawyers from Gilman & Bedigian can help you differentiate between a good settlement offer and a bad one, and can see your case through the negotiation process and to trial, if necessary. Contact us online to tap into our knowledge of the law and the advocacy skills that you need to recover what you deserve.

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