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Over the past few decades, the elderly population in the United States has grown, and population trends reveal that the aging population will continue to grow significantly in the upcoming years. As a direct result, the number of elderly adults receiving nursing home care has also significantly increased.

One unfortunate side effect of this trend has been an increase in elder abuse in nursing homes. This can include physical, sexual, or psychological abuse, as well as neglect, abandonment, and financial exploitation.

While some injuries, such as a fall or wrongful death are obvious, often times tt can be difficult to detect abuse occurring in a nursing home setting, especially when a patient suffers from a condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. If you suspect that a loved one might be suffering abuse, it is imperative to act quickly. Contact our firm today. Our team of attorneys will work closely with our staff physician to examine the details of your situation and work to get you the best possible outcome.

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