Medical Malpractice in Wicomico County, Maryland

Hospitals and Care Centers in Wicomico County, MD.

Wicomico county is made up of over 100,000 residents. The county shares borders with Somerset, Dorchester, and Worcester Counties. It also shares a border with the state of Delaware. There are four care centers providing medical services to the county's populace.

The medical centers providing care to the region are the Deer's Head Center, HealthSouth Chesapeake Rehabilitation Center, the Holly Center, and the Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Together these facilities provide a wide array of services to the populace.

Deer's Head Center

351 Deer's Head Hospital Road
Salisbury, MD 21802

Deer's Head Center is a state-owned and operated health facility. The facility is run through the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and offers an array of services including inpatient and outpatient dialysis, long-term care, and other medical complexities.

HealthSouth Chesapeake Rehabilitation Center

22 Tilghman Road
Salisbury, MD 21804

HealthSouth Chesapeake Rehabilitation Center is a specialty hospital and member of the HealthSouth network. The 54-bed center focuses on physical rehabilitation for patients suffering from stroke, brain injury, neurological ailments, amputation, multiple trauma, spinal cord injury, hip/pelvis/femur fractures, burns, arthritis, and orthopedic ailments.

Holly Center

926 Snow Hill Road
Salisbury, MD 21804

The Holly Center is a State operated facility catering to Maryland residents with developmental disabilities. The services offered include: medical, dental, therapy, psychiatry, neurology, respiratory and 24-hour nursing.

Peninsula Regional Medical Center

100 East Carroll Street
Salisbury, MD 21801

The Peninsula Regional Medical Center is the largest hospital in the county. The facility supports 292 beds and sees nearly 500,000 patients annually. The facility joined with Bayhealth of Delaware to form HealthVisions Delmarva and is also a member of the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network. The center offers a number of services including: neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, joint replacement, an ER and trauma center, wound care, and cancer care.

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