Medical Malpractice at Kindred Hospital in Philadelphia

Kindred Hospital is a transitional facility in northeastern Philadelphia providing post-operative and rehabilitative medical care for patients throughout the area of the city. Kindred Hospital works as a facility for people who have had major surgical work done who still need close care, but who do not need to be in the traditional hospital setting.

Kindred Hospital

6129 Palmetto Street
Philadelphia, PA 19111
(215) 722-8555

Just because Kindred Hospital is not a traditional medical facility like a doctor's office or surgical hospital, though, does not mean that medical malpractice cannot happen within its walls. Even rehabilitative specialists and physical therapists make serious medical mistakes that can cause severe injuries to vulnerable patients. That is why the medical malpractice attorneys at the Philadelphia law office of Gilman & Bedigian work to represent those who have been hurt by the medical professionals at the Kindred Hospital in Philadelphia.

Kindred Hospital

Kindred Hospital neither looks nor operates like a traditional hospital. Typically, hospitals are massive buildings with numerous different wards and sections that cater to the needs of certain kinds of patients: There are maternal wards for expectant mothers and newborns, and emergency rooms for those who need immediate medical attention for potentially life-threatening conditions.

Kindred Hospital, however, is a transitional care facility. It is a relatively small building and does not have an operating room for surgeries. Instead, it is centered on providing care to patients who have been referred to Kindred from the other hospitals in the Philadelphia area, where those patients have gotten the medical treatment they needed, but who need follow-up care.

To meet these needs, Kindred Hospital has 52 beds for patients who need around-the-clock monitoring. Essentially, Kindred Hospital is a massive intensive care unit (ICU), providing care for patients who need it, but who do not necessarily need to be intimately close to hospital personnel. For example, many of the patients at Kindred Hospital:

  • Have gone through a serious medical procedure and need extended recovery time that would be unfeasible for a hospital to provide,
  • Depend on medical equipment, like a ventilator, or
  • Have a medical condition that is under control, but that needs constant attention, like dialysis, wound care, or an infectious disease.

Medical Malpractice at Kindred Hospital

Just because Kindred Hospital is a transitional facility, though, does not mean that medical malpractice cannot occur there. Malpractice can be committed by any medical professional, not just doctors and surgeons. Nurses who, for example, neglect a patient for so long that they develop bed sores, can be liable for the resulting injuries under Pennsylvania's medical malpractice laws. Other cases are far more severe: Attending physicians might miss an important sign that a patient's condition is getting worse, leading to severe or even fatal repercussions.

Regardless of how severe it is, medical malpractice is not something that you should have to pay for. You deserve to be compensated for any losses that you have suffered because of the negligence of a medical professional. Contact the Philadelphia law office of Gilman & Bedigian for the legal help you need to get the compensation you deserve.

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