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Jury awards $5.8M in wrongful death case against UMMS

Jury awards $5.8M in wrongful death case against UMMS

Gilman & Bedigian is happy to report that a Baltimore City jury returned a 5.8 million dollar verdict in favor of a deceased patient and her surviving children in a medical malpractice case against the University of Maryland Medical Center.  The case dealt with the University of Maryland's failure to timely and appropriately recognize and treat a post-operative complication that the decedent developed in the Cardiac Critical Care Unit.  Specifically, the patient developed a complication called cardiac tamponade, where fluid and blood accumulated in her chest, compressing her heart, and resulting in cardiac arrest.  The University of Maryland failed to treat this emergency condition quickly and, as a result, the patient unfortunately passed away after several days of living with an anoxic brain injury due to oxygen deprivation, caused by the defendant's failure to timely treat her condition.  The Jury found that the University of Maryland negligently failed to treat the patient for over one hour and, as a result, found that the University's negligence caused her death.  In addition to awarding economic damages to the patient's Estate, the Jury also awarded 5.5 million dollars to the Estate for the deceased patient's pain and suffering, and additional damages to her three surviving children.  The case was tried by Briggs Bedigian and Michael McCubbin of Gilman and Bedigian, LLC, a local Baltimore firm.  The University of Maryland was represented by Neal Brown and Kaitlan Skrainer of Waranch & Brown.  Mr. Bedigian can be reached for comment at 410-560-4999. 

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