How Long Does The Claims Process In D.C. Take?

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Pursuing a personal injury claim can be complex and unfortunately, it can take some time. How long does it take? The short answer is that the amount of time it takes depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to the specifics of your case, the willingness of both parties to accept a settlement, and any investigations that must be done.

Your Case

Every case is different. No two cases will be resolved using the exact same approach. Personal injury is a broad field, and attorneys that practice within it see many types of cases. Approaches used for product liability may not necessarily be the same as the ones used for injuries caused by car accidents. On top of this, methods of negotiation will be different depending on the type of case as well.

In addition to this, the nature of your case may affect how the investigation and evidence gathering phase will proceed. For example, it may be more difficult to gather evidence against a corporation who protects its product designs and manufacturing policies than it would be to get a deposition from witnesses to a car accident.

What Can I Do?

The best thing you can do is to bring any and all items that can be used as evidence to your lawyer. Building a case can take some time, and you will want to be trial-ready.

Things you can do:

  • Bring any medical records, police reports, or other related documents to your attorney. Any and all documentation of your injuries, the incidents surrounding them, and expert records will help your case.
  • Work with your attorney. Most of the time, your attorney will be able to handle a majority of the investigative legwork, but at times, your attorney may need some information from you that certain parties are only willing to give to you, and only you. If this happens try to obtain it as soon as you can. The sooner it is in your attorney’s hands, the sooner it can be put to use in your case.
  • Be patient. Remember: civil cases do not settle or go to trial overnight. Your case may take longer than you initially expect, but the compensation you receive will make it worth your while.

Things you should avoid:

  • Avoid conversing with the opposition. Engaging in any interactions with the opposing party (including insurance adjusters) can hurt your case as you may reveal things you don’t intend to. Do not speak with the defense unless your attorney is with you.
  • Avoid discussing the case. No matter how the case is going, you must resist the urge to discuss it with anyone that is not involved. You never know how discussing the case with outside parties will affect it in the long run.
  • Take a break from social media. Social media can be a great way to interact with people you know, but it can also be used against you by the defense. Consider temporary deactivation or strengthening your privacy settings.

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