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County Faces Legal Suit After Paramedics Sedative Injection Leads To Death

Posted by Briggs Bedigian | Apr 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

An unfortunate death occurred in Spring, a Houston, TX suburb in 2010 that has led to a wrongful death lawsuit. A man in his early twenties, Jamail Joseph Amron, died suddenly after a run-in with law enforcement. Amron, an engineering student, and restaurant owner, was under the influence of cocaine when he began having trouble breathing. He contacted authorities to try to get help for what was happening to him and eventually walked to a nearby fast-food establishment to seek help. He was provided a cup of water through the drive-through window, and he then proceeded to have a seat on the curb to try to recuperate and await help.

The "help" that arrived ended up killing him. Amron was met with two local constables, who were acting as patrolling police officers at the time. The constables approached Amron, and without explanation immediately began placing the man who had called for help in handcuffs. Amron claimed he hadn't done anything as he was being dragged to an ambulance. In a panic, he attempted to run back towards the restaurant when he was grabbed by the constables and thrown to the ground. While the officers were holding him down, they instructed the attending paramedics to inject Amron with a sedative.

The sedative was midazolam hydrochloride, commonly used to calm patients prior to surgery or during a seizure. The particular brand of sedative used on Amron is no longer on the market. When the injection hit him, he dropped down to the ground. The constables then proceeded to kick him while he was on the ground. His vitals were not examined for over 15 minutes when he was loaded onto the stretcher for the ambulance and sent off.

The Lawsuit

Amron is survived by his parents who are now pursuing a wrongful death case against Harris County, the Harris County Precinct, 7 constables, Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services, and 3 paramedics for a number of claims, including excessive force, false arrest, and denial of medical treatment. Paramedics had been on the scene for quite some time, and only administered the strong sedative to Amron at the directive of the police, yet provided him none of the care that he contacted them for in the first place. The family claims that such a reckless and negligent use of this sedative likely caused Amron's unfortunate death, and it was only exacerbated by the paramedics failure to bother helping him.

Eventually, the plaintiffs have been whittled down to just two: the constables, Haver and Vailes. These two were the very same ones that essentially attacked him, as they allegedly ordered the sedative to be administered.

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