Child Strangulation in Car Windows

Child strangulation caused by power windows is very rare, but indeed a very dangerous issue that plagues many parents. Power windows have killed or injured thousands of children all over the world. The impact of an automatic car window can create a long-lasting injury or even lead to death.  Often times, we are concerned about maintaining other safety measures while driving our vehicles; neglecting to consider items within our vehicle could expose us to danger as well. The culprit could be as simple as a car window switch in the back seat where our kids spend the most time.  While most new cars have child safety locks for power windows, those locks do nothing to stop a window from going up when a child's head, arm, or body is hanging out of the car, which could lead to catastrophic injuries.  Many car manufacturers are aware of this fatal problem and have done nothing to stop or prevent their mistake.  If your child was hurt as a result of a vehicle that does not have power windows that automatically reverse when an object, such as your child's arm or neck is in the path of a closing window, contact us! We can help.

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