Baltimore Bicycle Accident Treatment

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If you or a loved one was biking along the roads of Baltimore and got hit by a car, the injuries that result can require extensive treatment. Worse, the costs of this treatment can be exorbitant, and can drastically impact your financial well-being for years to come.

This is why it is so important to have a personal injury attorney at your side to recover the compensation you need after a bicycle accident. Getting this compensation for all of the myriad types of treatment you could need to make a full recovery can make a huge difference in the long run.

Emergency Care

In the immediate aftermath of a bicycle accident – especially severe accidents – you will need emergency medical treatment. This kind of treatment can cover a variety of injuries and depends largely on how bad the accident was. However, all of these types of treatment have one thing in common: They are needed, as soon as possible.

Some of the most common types of emergency care are:

  • Ambulatory services
  • Emergency medical technician (EMT) treatment on the scene of the crash
  • Emergency room treatment
  • Stitches
  • Wound cleaning
  • Setting, splinting, or casting broken bones or fractures

Because of the emergency and the immediate need for these treatments, the costs for these types of emergency care can be incredibly high. Therefore, getting compensation for the costs of your emergency care can be a big part of protecting your financial well-being after a bicycle accident in Baltimore.

Surgical Procedures

After many of the more serious bicycle accidents that happen in Baltimore, one or more surgeries will be necessary to bring the victim back to health. Some of these surgeries can be quite complex, while others are needed immediately if they are going to have the expected impact.

The surgeries necessary to make a full recovery from a bicycle accident depend largely on the severity of the crash. However, even the most minor bicycle accidents frequently result in serious injuries to a biker’s wrists, hands, and arms if they get thrown from their bike and try to brace their fall, or to their legs when the collision came from the side. When the speed and force of the crash are more than minimal, these seemingly basic and simple injuries can become complex as bones, muscles, and tendons tear or become displaced and require surgery to fix.

These surgical procedures become even more important for bikers who have been hurt in accidents involving cars or trucks because bikers are frequently active and athletic people who enjoy the outdoors. Without these surgeries, injured bicyclists are far less likely to be able to resume the active lifestyle that they so cherished before the crash.

Plastic Surgery

While the stereotypical plastic surgery is a superficial one that is meant to enhance someone’s looks, there are numerous other kinds of plastic surgery, as well. One of them covers up scars and other disfigurements that frequently come with a serious bike accident. In fact, because road rash is one of the most common types of injuries that you can suffer in a bike crash, and because road rash can produce extensive scarring or other significant disfigurements to a prominent part of your body, getting plastic surgery can be an essential part of your recovery, especially if the memory of the accident is traumatizing – the constant reminder of the crash from the sight of your scars can cause severe emotional distress, and having plastic surgery to cover up the visible reminders of the accident can be a huge help.

Psychotherapy After a Bike Accident

Another important part of your treatment and recovery after a bike accident in Baltimore can be psychotherapy. This is especially true if the accident was severe and traumatizing enough to weigh heavily in your mind and cause emotional and mental distress on a daily basis. Not all injuries are physical. Getting treatment for your mind as well can be an important part of your recovery.

Occupational Therapy

For the most severe injuries that you can suffer in a bike accident – like head, spinal, or neck injuries that cause nerve damage, long-term debilitation, and loss of mobility – occupational therapy can also be a part of your treatment plan. Occupational therapy aims to rebuild your strength and mobility on a fundamental level, through accomplishing day-to-day tasks like cleaning dishes, tying your shoes, or getting dressed. Performing these tasks can be difficult for people who have just suffered severe personal injuries in a bike accident. Occupational therapy can be the very first step in the long road to recovery.

Physical Therapy

While occupational therapy aims to get you back on your feet by performing daily tasks, physical therapy focuses more on strength building exercises that isolate the muscles and body parts that were most impacted by the crash and challenging their ability. Doing this in the structured environment that physical therapy sessions provide, you can overcome the obstacles that your injuries have thrown in your way.

Physical therapy is especially important for bike accident victims who live an active and healthy lifestyle. Many of the injuries that you can suffer in bike crashes can severely impair your body’s ability to function, deteriorating your strength as you recover basic functionality. Once back on your feet, though, there is still recovering the strength that you lost in the crash, your injuries, and the time lost during your recovery. Physical therapy is invaluable for this purpose and is an integral part of your treatment after a bike accident.

Baltimore Bike Accident Attorneys at Gilman & Bedigian

The personal injury attorneys at the law office of Gilman & Bedigian in Baltimore regularly represent people who have been hurt by motor vehicles while riding their bikes in the Baltimore region. The injuries that these victims face are often severe, and the treatments that are necessary for them to overcome their injuries are unique and costly.

We can fight for your rights and interests in court, and get you the compensation you need to make a full recovery. Contact us online.

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