Accidents Involving Uber Or Lyft In DC

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Ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber have exploded over the past couple of years. They have been attributed to everything from reducing drunk driving rates to putting taxi companies out of business. Most people use them as a convenient way of getting around town with the ease of calling for a ride on their smartphone, without having to deal with calling a dispatcher, handling cash, or trying to find a taxi with a working credit card machine. However, there is one thing these app-based services cannot change, and that is the danger of automobile accidents.

Since these ride services are so new, many people do not know how to deal with things like car accidents or injuries involving an Uber or Lyft ride. Passengers injured in an Uber or Lyft ride accident may not know what to do after an accident. Other drivers who get into an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver may not know if the driver or the company is responsible for the damages. If you are injured in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft ride, talk to your experienced DC personal injury attorney. They will fight for you to make sure you are compensated for the accident.

Injuries as a Passenger

When a passenger takes a Lyft or Uber ride, they expect convenient transportation that will get them to their destination safely. However, if the vehicle they are riding in is suddenly involved in an accident, they may not know what happened. They may be injured and require medical treatment. After receiving medical care, the injured passenger may not know who caused the accident, or who is responsible for their injuries.

Even a minor injury may lead to expensive medical treatment, missed days of work, continuing medical care, and pain and suffering. It is never easy to deal with the insurance company, especially if you have to deal with multiple insurance companies to try and get coverage for your damages. The insurance companies may want someone else to pay for your injuries, or only offer a small payment in exchange for you signing away your rights to sue. Before you accept less than you deserve, talk to your attorney. They will advise you on your rights and fight to make sure you get the full compensation you deserve.

Car Accidents With a Lyft or Uber Driver

After an accident, you may think the driver who hit you was just a regular driver. However, you may later find out they were transporting passengers for Lyft or Uber. The driver may not even be sure what to do in case of an accident, or try and get you to agree to settle the claim without getting insurance involved because they do not want to lose their job as an Uber or Lyft driver. These accidents can get complicated and you don’t want to deal with having to track someone down later on because they will not pay for your damages.

In some cases, Uber or Lyft drivers may be more likely to eventually get into an accident because they are putting so many more miles on the road than other drivers. They may also be distracted while navigating their map, or the Uber or Lyft app. Some drivers may be driving in areas they are not familiar with and may be unaware of traffic patterns or some traffic signals. If the driver is not operating their vehicle safely, they may put you and the public at risk of getting into an accident.

Insurance Liability for Lyft and Uber Drivers

When Uber or Lyft drivers are picking up or dropping off passengers, the Uber or Lyft insurance policy is supposed to be in effect. At all other times, the driver’s personal insurance policy generally covers any accidents. After an accident, you may have to deal with the driver’s personal insurance as well as the company’s insurance while they settle who is responsible for the accident. Rather than take on this responsibility yourself, an experienced attorney will make sure you are compensated for your damages and the insurance company takes your injury claim seriously.

Uber or Lyft Accident Attorneys in DC

If you were involved in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver, it can be frustrating to deal with your injuries while fighting with the ride-sharing company. Uber, Lyft or the driver may try to get away with refusing to pay for your injuries. Their insurance company may not be any easier to deal with. You need an advocate to fight for you, to make sure you get the compensation you deserve so you can focus on recovery. If you or someone you love has been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, contact the team at Gilman & Bedigian for a free consultation.

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