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Woman Settles Lawsuit For $4.25 Million After Loss Of Newborn Twins

A woman residing in Pennsylvania reached a $4.25 million settlement with a local hospital and doctors, whom she claims failed to properly monitor a condition that led to the death of her newborn twins.

The lawsuit was filed back in 2011 by Jo Ann Page against Moses Taylor Hospital, and the doctors who treated her, Michael Kush and Francis Hamm. She claims that hospital staff and doctors failed to monitor a condition called preeclampsia – a pregnancy complication that causes high blood pressure – that she had developed during her previous pregnancy.

According to, Page suffered an acute seizure in the delivery room that required she undergo several emergency medical procedures. These procedures led to the separation of the placenta from the womb, and the fetuses, whom she had been carrying for 33 weeks, were declared stillborn. Also, the hysterectomy and the removal of her ovaries, now prohibits her from having children at the age of 29. Page seeks compensatory damages for her injuries, as well as survival damages and the wrongful death of the twins, Kylee and Chloe.

After five prolonged years of legal proceedings, all parties were able to finally reach a global settlement this year. The only initial complaint Page had, was with the decision that she would have to share compensation with the twins’ biological father, Charles Dottle. She alleged that he had abandoned the twins and did not deserve compensation. However, the judge ruled that she would have to share 35% of the settlement with Dottle.

Judge Terrence R. Nealon also made another decision that was considered rare. Doctors Kush and Hamm along with the hospital put in a request to get the case sealed away from public records, which is actually common in regards to medical malpractice cases. He denied to grant the defense their request, his reason being that the public’s right to know about this type of information is deemed more important than the reputation of the hospital and the doctor’s involved.

When defense attorneys expressed concern about whether this decision could cause hospitals to be leery about settling in the future, he declared that the public access to these cases outweighed this concern. Although many judges decide to seal malpractice cases , Judge Nealon emphasized in his statement that court documents should remain open, unless in exceptional circumstances.

If you’ve been injured as a result of the negligence of a medical professional in Maryland, Pennsylvania or Washington D.C, you could be entitled to compensation. Attorneys Charles Gilman and Briggs Bedigian are dedicated to getting you the best results possible. Call their office at (800) 529-6162 or contact them online.

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Charles GilmanCharles Gilman
Charles Gilman

As managing partner and co-founder of Gilman & Bedigian, it is my mission to help our clients recover and get their lives back on track. I strongly believe that every person who is injured by a wrongful act deserves compensation, and I will do my utmost to bring recompense to those who need and deserve it.


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