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Six More Weeks of Winter Weather Injuries in Philly?

By February, most people in Philly are done with winter. The piles of cleared snow have frozen into grey icy blocks. Each day, some snow melts into water to refreeze at night, leaving slippery sidewalks and parking lots. Although we all know it’s not a scientific test, we are all hoping that Punxsutawney Phil does NOT see his shadow, predicting 6 more weeks of winter weather. 

Many of us are familiar with Groundhog Day from the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day. The first time Groundhog Day took place in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania was 1886. Now, every February 2nd, video cameras await Punxsutawney Phil’s appearance to see whether or not he will see his shadow. 

A longer winter weather season is associated with continued dangerous winter weather conditions, leading to slip and falls, car accidents, and even icicle injuries. If a property owner is not keeping their property clear of hazardous conditions, they may be liable for injuries. If you were injured in a winter car accident or slip and fall injury, talk to your Philadelphia personal injury lawyer for help. 

Winter Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

In a Philadelphia car accident, your claim for damages will depend on whether you opted in or out of the “choice no-fault” coverage. If you opt-out of the no-fault system, the full tort option allows you to file a personal injury claim against the other driver for the full amount of damages, including economic and non-economic damages. In this case, liability for damages may be based on negligence. 

In a Pennsylvania winter-weather accident, if the other driver was driving too fast for the winter conditions or following too closely and caused a rear-end accident, the other driver may be liable for your damages. Even if the other driver wasn’t going faster than the posted speed limit, the driver may be considered to be negligent if he or she was driving faster than a reasonable person would, given the winter weather conditions.  

Icy Sidewalks in Philadelphia 

Under Philadelphia Code § 10-720, a building owner or tenant is responsible for clearing a path on all sidewalks up against the building within 6 hours after the snow has stopped falling. In an apartment complex or multifamily unit, the owner or agent is responsible for clearing snow. Some landlords don’t want to bother clearing the snow because it will cost them money. If a property owner’s sidewalk is a slip and fall hazard because they want to save a buck, a personal injury claim may help protect others in the future from a careless landlord.

Recovering Compensation After a Personal Injury Accident

After an accident, you may be left with property damage, medical bills, loss of a paycheck, and have to have follow-up medical treatment because of your injuries. If someone else was responsible for the accident, they should be responsible for paying for your damages

Contact an experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney to file a claim to recover damages and financial compensation. To discuss your case with a member of our legal team, fill out an online case evaluation form or call (800) 529-6162 today. 


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