Philadelphia Car Crash Statistics

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Any time you travel on the city streets and highways near Philadelphia, there is always the risk that you may be involved in a collision with another driver. Unfortunately, many times other drives make a decision to operate a vehicle in a way that makes them less safe, and poses a significant threat to other drivers. This can include drivers who get behind the wheel while intoxicated and those who attempt to drive while distracted by a mobile device. Just how common are these types of accidents happening here in Philadelphia?

Drunk Driving in Philadelphia

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), there are around 300,000 drunk drivers on the road each day, and about 2,800 are actually arrested for driving under the influence. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) published a 2016 report on crashes which stated that alcohol-related fatalities represented 25% of the total traffic fatalities. In this same year, 16 of those fatalities occurred in Philadelphia.

Distracted Driving in Philadelphia

With the rise of the use of mobile devices, the rate of accidents across the United States caused by drivers who were distracted while using such devices has skyrocketed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that those who text while driving have a 23% greater chance of getting into an accident than those who do not. The majority of states have laws prohibiting texting while driving. Pennsylvania recently passed such a law, which includes a fine if drivers are found to be in violation.​

Drugged Driving in Philadelphia

Just like alcohol, drugs can impair vision and motor function, rendering a driver less safe on the roadways. “Drugged” driving can refer to controlled substances, but also prescription and over-the-counter medication. Even individuals who are taking medication prescribed to them can be impaired. Drugged driving is a serious issue in Philadelphia and  around half of the 53,000 arrests for DUI in Pennsylvania in 2016 were for drugged driving.

Philadelphia Car Crash Representation

The property damage, medical bills, and lost wages resulting from a car accident can take a devastating emotional and financial toll on victims and their families. If you have been hurt due to the carelessness of another driver, let our experienced team of trial attorneys fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.​

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