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Before doctors perform surgery on a patient, they need to know the location of nearby nerves in order to avoid or protect them during the procedure. Surgical mistakes can result in severed or lacerated nerves.

Surgical Errors Leading To Nerve Damage

Surgical errors are one of the most common causes of nerve transection, or cuts and severed nerves. Surgeons may make a mistake in the initial cut, or they might damage nerves as a result of a slip in the hand during the procedure. Nerve damage can also be the result of using the wrong surgical instrument.

Nerve Damage Caused By Anesthesia Errors

Nerve damage can also occur while administering anesthesia to the patient. Anesthesia can be administered through injections into the spine. Mistakes in the point and depth of injection can damage nearby nerve clusters and even the spinal cord. Anesthesia errors can also cause nerve damage if administered while the patient is in an improper position. Nerve damage can also result when the improper anesthetic medication or when an improper dose of anesthetic medication is administered. Patients will lose feeling or muscle strength in their limbs or other parts of the body affected by the anesthesia.

Nerve damage can cause serious and, lasting results. Symptoms of nerve damage include:

  • Pain and numbness, or inability to feel pain
  • Increased sensitivity to touch
  • Problems with coordination
  • Involuntary movements
  • Bladder and digestive problems
  • Weakness or muscle atrophy
  • Contractures

Neve Damage Caused By Medical Malpractice Can Cause Severe Life Consequences

Nerve damage caused by negligence during surgery can cause serious hardship for the injured patient. Nerves are a system of cells that run throughout the body to transmit important information through electrical signals. Nerves help the body sense its environment and react to sensory changes (like telling your hand to move away from a hot stove), and they carry messages from your brain to the rest of the body to make your motor skills work (your brain says walk so your legs move).

Receiving Compensation For Medical Malpractice Causing Nerve Damage

Patients who have suffered nerve damage as a result of medical negligence should contact an attorney to learn more about their legal rights and to see if they are eligible for compensation.

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