Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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Motorcycle accidents are some of the worst types of crashes on the roads in Philadelphia. The bikers who are involved are poorly protected from the impact of the collision, and can only rely on their helmets and clothing for protection. Worse, when the accident involves a motorcycle and a car or truck, the weight of the other vehicle is far more than the motorcycle, so the force of the collision will often throw the motorcyclist around. The result can be disastrous or even fatal.

Because the injuries that bikers suffer in motorcycle crashes frequently require thousands of dollars in medical expenses, having a personal injury attorney from Gilman & Bedigian on your side to recover the compensation you deserve is essential after a motorcycle accident in Philadelphia.

Road Rash

Out of all of the injuries that motorcyclists suffer in motorbike accidents, road rash is probably the most common. Unfortunately, just because it is so prevalent after these accidents does not mean that it is trivial. In fact, road rash can be one of the most painful parts of your injuries in the immediate aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

Road rash typically happens when the collision throws the motorcyclist from his or her bike and onto the asphalt. The contact and friction that comes from landing, and then skidding, along the road is often enough to scrape and burn through the skin. In some extreme cases, the contact impacts the underlying muscle, as well.

Unfortunately, the danger and pain of road rash are not confined to the first days after a motorcycle accident. Because it compromises the skin, road rash opens the door to serious infections. Avoiding these complications can take extensive and very painful cleaning efforts.

Broken and Fractures Bones

Alongside road rash, broken and fractured bones are also among the most common injuries that you can suffer in a motorcycle accident. While car occupants are protected within thousands of pounds of metal and plastic, bikers are left vulnerable outside of their vehicles. This puts them in the immediate path of any collision that they become involved in, and the impact of that crash will not be blocked by any protective equipment. The risk of that force breaking or fracturing a biker’s bones is significant.

Leg Injuries

Out of all of the broken and fractured bones that bikers can suffer in a motorcycle accident, the most frequent to happen is to a motorcyclist’s lower extremities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 47% of the injury-producing motorcycle accidents involved an injury to a biker’s lower extremities. This included broken legs, ankles, feet, knees, hips, shins, or pelvis. Many of these injuries, while rarely life-threatening, are definitely life-altering because of how painful they can be and how debilitating they can be over the long term.

Head Injuries

One of the most severe injuries that motorcyclists can suffer in a motorbike crash is to the head. The close proximity to the crash that bikers live with puts them in danger of being hit in the head with such force that even a helmet cannot completely insulate them from injury. Additionally, even if the collision does not hit the biker in the head, the crash can throw them from the bike and either into harm’s way or to the ground. In either case, the force of the new impact can cause a serious head injury.

Head injuries can be severe enough that they lead to other complications, as well, especially if the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. Severe brain injuries or paralysis are not uncommon after a head injury sustained in a motorcycle crash.

Chronic Pain

While many injuries that you can suffer in a motorcycle accident are apparent and easy to diagnose, there are some injuries that are more of a mystery. Chronic pain can be one of these types of injuries.

When a biker is involved in a crash and the injuries impact his or her nervous system, the results can be profound, difficult to diagnose, and nearly impossible to treat because of the complexity of the nerves in the human body. Unfortunately, just because doctors might not be able to help you does not mean that you are not in considerable pain. This makes the chronic pain that many motorcyclists suffer after a motorcycle accident one of the more frustrating injuries that they can be put through.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Not all injuries from a motorcycle accident are physical. Some are mental or emotional, as well. Many bikers, even the toughest and most experienced, can suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the memory of a motorcycle accident, especially if the crash was a particularly severe and graphic one.

PTSD is not trivial. It can manifest itself in significant symptoms—like an inability to eat or sleep—which can create further medical complications.

Fatal Injuries

Finally, some motorcycle accidents cause life-threatening or life-ending injuries. In fact, fatal injuries are far more common in motorcycle accidents than they are in accidents involving regular passenger vehicles: Compared to car drivers, motorcyclists have a fatality rate that is 28 times higher per mile traveled.

The wrongful death law in Pennsylvania aims to help the family and loved ones of a biker who dies in the crash, giving them to an opportunity to recover the compensation that they need to overcome their losses.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Philadelphia at Gilman & Bedigian

There are only a small handful of the most common or most severe injuries that motorcyclists can suffer in a crash. There are many others, as well, and each one of them requires extensive medical care in order to make a full recovery. In some cases, though, a full recovery is impossible. In others, the treatment you need is financially unfeasible.

The personal injury lawyers at the Philadelphia law office of Gilman & Bedigian can help you get the compensation you need to get the medical treatment necessary to overcome the crash. Contact us online for legal representation.

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