June 19 Transcript

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Speaker 1: Gillman and Bedigian.

Speaker 2: We are taking another live look there where president Trump is meeting with Queen Elizabeth in the UK. This is all part of a three day state visit that he has going on, this is day one. Megan Gillan is following in this story, s he’ll have more on this coming up in just a little bit. June is finally here and a lot of people are getting outside to enjoy the weather and biking is a great way to do that. It is a popular pastime in our area, but it also comes with some safety issues attorney Charles and Gilman with Gilman and Bedigian joins us this morning. Good morning.

Speaker 3; Good morning.

Speaker 2: All right, so perfect time to talk about this. June, his bicycle safety month. Um, and we’ve reported on it. We’ve seen cases where it can be pretty dangerous. What are the biggest pitfalls that bicyclists out there run,into.

Speaker 3: Cars

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 3: Cars are the biggest problem because you got people now texting and driving. Um, you have bicyclists.

Speaker 2: Scary thought.

Speaker 3: That aren’t going and following the law they’re on the wrong side of the road. Cars aren’t expecting them. And, and usually carvers bicycle is not a good result.

Speaker 2: It’s a bigger and bigger problem every year. We’re saying that, um, the, the numbers say that an average of 816 bicycle crashes happen per year in Maryland, uh, 80% of them end, in injury or death. That’s, that’s, you know, daunting numbers there.

Speaker 3: Yup I’m sorry.

Speaker 2: And I was going to say most of them, the reason we’re talking about this now is because most of them happen between June and September. So now’s the time to be very aware.

Speaker 3: Yup It’s biking season and like you said, I think it’s 80% of those accidents that we’re talking about occur between Memorial Day and Labour Day. Um, and you know, look, the law requires 16 year olds and below to wear a helmet if they’re on public roads trail. Is there anything public path, um, anybody over 16 is not required to by law, but certainly it’s a good idea. Um, the fluorescent and reflective clothing are a phenomenal idea. I’m just, the other day I was driving and some  and a bicyclist. I was in a, in a car. [02:00] I saw bicyclist wearing green shirt on a road with lots of green trees going the opposite way. You almost don’t see them.

Speaker 2: And you were talking about the opposite way the law says you’re supposed to ride in the direction of traffic.

Speaker 3: Correct with the flow of traffic and that was, that should help the cars see you as opposed to by the time they see you when you’re coming  the opposite direction, they may not be able to swerve.

Speaker 2: And one of the other big laws that bicyclists are supposed to follow as is with the, with the headphones, you’re not supposed to wear headphones, listen to your music or while you’re going down the street, that’s a safety.

Speaker 3: Prohibited, sorry, prohibited u m, you can’t do that because that exact reason you can’t hear the car. Um, but nowadays with a lot of electric cars, they’re hard to hear anyway. You don’t, they don’t, they don’t have the noise that are traditional car makes and they sneak up on the bicyclist.

Speaker 2: And those are all the laws of the bicyclist are supposed to follow, but the drivers in the cars also have to be very cautious of the bicycles cause that’s a lot of times where the problem comes in.

Speaker 3: Correct share the road is to use the, and just be cognizant if you’re on a road where there’s a lot of bicyclists and you know, it, um slow down a little bit. Um, as a driver and you know, just be aware that this is the time of year where the bicycle is. They’re out and they are all over the place.

Speaker 2: Should you find yourself in an accident between a car and bike? What are the first things you should do? Hopefully everybody’s okay, but then what, what are the steps from there?

Speaker 3: Um, check and make sure everybody’s okay cause again, like we said, Bus and I’m gonna sorry, bike and car, usually not a good combination. Um, but if you know, you want to help the person, if you’re the vehicle, if you were the one driving the vehicle um and the bicyclist wants to make sure they get the person’s information. Um, you know, maybe if you have your cell phone snap a few pictures of the license plate and driver’s license and that type of stuff. Just an information exchange and hopefully there’s no ambulance necessary, but if there is obviously dial nine one one.

Speaker 2: All right, Charles, thank you so much.

Speaker 3: Thank you.

Speaker 2: We appreciate it all good tips to keep in mind, all right, it is 06:48. Now we need to get back over to meteorologists Shaun Myers, get more in the fork. [03:54]

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