Harford County Car Accident Case Result

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Harford County Car Accident Results in $120,000 Victory

Jury awards Plaintiff, Rachel Johnson, damages for past medical expenses in amount of $30,790.67 and non-economic damages in amount of $120,000.00. Counsel stipulated to cap of $100,000.00.

In Rachel Johnson’s case, we fought hard again for a victim of personal injury. In Rachel’s case, we had to file a lawsuit on her behalf in the Circuit Court for Harford County, which some find is a non-victim friendly conservative jurisdiction. Rachel was injured when a young driver made a left hand turn at a red light while Rachel had a green arrow, and T-Boned Rachel in her car. The impact was so strong it caused her knee to smash the dashboard. As a result, Rachel claimed injury related to the impact, including surgery on her meniscus, a structure that tore within her knee upon that impact.

Prior to trial, the Defendant’s attorney, who was hired by an insurance company, subpoenaed Rachel’s past medical records. In those records, they learned that Rachel had a knee complaint to her doctor approximately a year before this collision. The Defendant hung her hat on that one complaint. The Defendant attempted to attack Rachel’s credibility arguing that Rachel didn’t disclose her knee complaint and that was because her meniscal tear was therefore related to a pre-existing medical condition as opposed to this collision. Rachel took the stand and testified that she had no recollection of making a knee complaint before this collision which was why she never disclosed it. We argued that there was no relationship to her one minor instance of knee complaint and her knee surgery as she never complained of knee pain for a year before the occurrence and never underwent treatment for her knee before this occurrence. We called several witnesses to counter this baseless attack on Rachel.

Prior to trial, the Defendant agreed to causing the collision, but would only offer Rachel $30,000 to settle her claim which was the cost of her medical bills. This meant that Rachel would walk-away with no recovery for the years of pain she endured and her ongoing problems such as her inability to: wear heels, go out dancing with her friends, weight gain, and other issues that affect the femininity of a female. As a result, we rejected the offer.

At trial, the jury believed Rachel, her witnesses, and the medical testimony presented. They found in favor of Rachel. Not only did they find in favor of Rachel but they awarded every single penny we asked for. We asked the jury to award past medical expenses in amount of $30,790.67, and non-economic damages (pain, suffering, etc.) in amount of $120,000.00. They awarded it. It was a great day for victim’s rights in Harford County!

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