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There are new developments tonight in the investigation into a school police officer that was caught on camera slapping and kicking a teenager. Baltimore City Place are now conducting a criminal investigation into this and that young man’s family has hired an attorney A.B.C. Two News Christian Schaefer spoke with the attorney tonight. Jamie and Kelly and the attorney says it’s too early to say whether the family plans to file a lawsuit but he is gathering information about the incident all sides agree it’s unacceptable behavior by that school police officer but there appears to be a lot of disagreement about what led up to it. Late tonight the Baltimore city school system announced the criminal investigation into what happened in this video a school police officer slapping and kicking a young man outside Reach partnership school on Tuesday had been turned over to the City Police Department.


One fact on which investigators will want to gain some certainty was this student attending Reach partnership? This is what the acting school police chief said this morning. It was not a student at Reach. And he went even further calling them two unknown citizens. There was a call to service for an intruder in the building and our officers were called because of the intruder and this happened after the officers escorted the two unknown citizens outside of the building. But tonight the attorney for the young man who was slapped in the video said exactly the opposite.

Att Bedigian: Based on the evidence that we have in hand we are certain that he was a student at that school and he belongs at that school and he is on the roster. He also speculated as to why the school system might try to say the student does not attend the Reach partnership.

Att Bedigian: Part of what we believe that at this point is that you know that they don’t have a [inaudible] of what happened so they’re going on the offensive and trying to change the roles here, they’re taking a victim and turning and to the culprit. No charges were filed against either of the teens the city police investigation will determine whether any should be filed against the two school police officers.

Att Bedigian: Regardless of whether the child belonged there or not and our contention is at this point our investigation reveals that he did belong there, you don’t you apprehend a child or a trespasser you don’t smack one.

You heard from the acting school police chief in that piece that’s because the actual chief has been placed on paid administrative leave along with those two officers you can see in that video Christian Schaefer for A.B.C. Two News.

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