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Many questions remain unanswered tonight after a city police school police officer is caught on video slapping and kicking a student and now a group is calling for major changes to Baltimore school police policies. WJZ is live outside, city school headquarters [inaudible] with the demands of the latest on the investigation Ava Joy.

Ava Joy: Well Vic that advocacy group has been calling for a change on how school police officers operate inside schools for a long time now. Now that video has surfaced the demands are even louder.

Reach partnership High's now synonymous with this video police officer slapping and taking a tenth grader the result the officer landing the hit home and the officer standing by both of them on administrative leave, along with the city's police chief.

Student: I just think what he did was messed up and the price of what happened to him happened to him. Your job is to protect us not hurt us.

Ava Joy: Days after that video service there's still of question that the school system still has not answered. Like what happened before the video what, happened after the video and why were the chief of police city school police who wasn't even on the video also placed on administrative leave? While the public waits for those answers the sixteen year old lawyer tells WJZ his injuries sent him to the hospital.

Attorney: And you hope that that's never your child and that when your child goes to school that that child is respected and appreciated and that the people that take an oath to protect those children never turn around and do what that officer did to my client.

Ava Joy: Right now a Maryland based advocacy group is calling for swift changes where Baltimore school police officers would have limits on what they can and cannot do while they're on the job.

Attorney: We don't know what happened right before this incident, that's true, but no matter what happened that officer's behavior was inappropriate. The attorney told WJZ that her client had a bruised rib and also injuries to his face, reporting live Ava Joy Brunette WJZ news.

Anchor: Ava Joy thank you.

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