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We’re back as more details emerge in the Orlando masscare responsibility for the lives lost and future prevention quickly moves to the forefront here now for a legal standpoint Charles Gilman managing partner with Gilman and Bedegian and thank you so much for coming in.

Charles: My pleasure and you know and obviously we offer our condolences to everybody who was involved all the victims and their families.

Anchor: Incredible historical massacre happened here out of Orlando Sunday morning you just you’re hit with the headlines but let’s move this story along here because normally the way that they go, that it happens is we hear some details we we find out about family and then we get all this information about the shooter but then there’s lawsuits that always happen later on and that’s not necessarily bad because when you look at the club what they did but also we get to glean a little bit information about the way that the response I guess to the shooting?

Charles: Correct but you know there will be video cameras I suspect in the nightclub most nightclubs have those so we’ll be able to see how the events unfolded on the camera but then the lawsuits that may get filed subsequently will tell us what security that post had in place what type of measures they took to prevent certain incidents. Obviously this incident is unprecedented not the typical nightclub incident that you expect fortunately but now made it a new reality so the standards for these night clubs may have to change they may need metal detectors they may need other devices to detect this type of event and prevent it.

Anchor: Unprecedented so now you’re looking at how is a nightclub even going to I mean why would you even think that something like this would happen in your club they did have an off duty police officer as you just saw from that press conference that was there that apparently saved a lot of lies by being there. And then there was action on the police force to how are we supposed to take actions like this if there is a group lawsuit because they’re trying to uncover more information from what happened and what how police responded?

Charles: The police response will be gauged on a reasonable person or reasonable person standard under the circumstances and under the circumstances you have to analyze what the police did and was Blunt was breaking the wall down with the Bear Cat The reasonable thing to do. Was it the most prudent thing to do and you also have to take into account in your analysis whether under the circumstances and the amount of time they had to make a decision was it reasonable. You can’t judge it based on the fact that they had two or three hours or four hours to make a decision because they didn’t, lives were at stake and they had to make quick decisions.

Anchor: And that’s always part of it too, Charles Gilman thank you so much for coming and we appreciate it.

Charles: My pleasure thank you for having me.

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