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Transcription conversation between Charles Gilman of Gilman and Bedigian and Fox45 morning news presenter

Anchor: Good morning

Charles: Morning

Anchor: One of the things you can tell the driver is how you can handle any kind of travel.

Charles: Absolutely you got to make sure you have the right tires and that are well maintained, get your oil changed. And recently we’ve seen an influx, a lot of cases, where people have recalls on their cars that they don’t even know about. So maybe run the VIN number through a car dealership or a website to make sure that you don’t have a break failure or an airbag failure or some sort of a recall that could really cause you some harm.

Anchor: And we talk about recalls every other day, so that’s pretty smart. Also plan accordingly for heavy traffic because it make sense that if there are more cars on the road, the chances of having some kind of incident are probably greater.

Charles: Absolutely, the more people you put on the road the greater are chances of getting problems. Today is a great example, you know, there is a lot of rain, a lot of traffic and it is lot more backed up than a typical Monday morning.

Anchor: Don’t drive distracted. That seems so easy to say and that seems so common sense to say and yet you see it daily driving where people are scattered in their cars, on their phones; it is really frustrating.

Charles: It frustrating, it’s so frustrating, it’s scary, and it’s really frightening because I’ve been practicing law for some time and recently in the last three or four years you know what’s caused more accidents than anything is texting while driving and distractions from cell phones. The way they don’t pay attention to what they should be paying attention to. You’re driving, um, you know a couple thousand pound motor vehicle and you’re not paying attention to where it is going.

Anchor: I know and in this age, though, it’s not even enough for you to not to be distracted; you’ve got to be on the defense, you’ve got to look around and be alert for everybody else that is out there doing that.

Charles: Absolutely, you’re right. The right defence, the best measure is if you see somebody with their hand in their face, it is probably best to stay away from them.

Anchor: Alright, if you find yourself in an accident, what do you do? I think a lot of people don’t know what to do. They think, do I pull my car off to the side? Do I stay here so the police will see exactly what happened? Do I call my insurance? What do they do?

Charles: First if the car is drivable, they should pull it off to the side of the road because actually by sitting where the accident may have occurred–for example a highway–you have a greater risk of getting a lot more injury than you sustained in the automobile accident. If you get out of the car, take some pictures of the other vehicle. Exchange information while you wait for the police officer.

Anchor: Always file a report?

Charles: If you can call the police, yeah absolutely. You know in some jurisdictions the police aren’t coming anymore unless an ambulance is required. So a picture of somebody else’s license plate or their license is sufficient and you know, just be cognizant of your surroundings and be careful

Anchor: If the other person doesn’t want to cooperate. Just try to snap a quick picture as best you can of their plates, and even them, maybe because they could deny later on that it was them.

Charles: Correct they could so a picture of them and the picture of their plates Maryland’s a mandatory reporting required a state so in it if you have somebody’s license plate you can track down their insurance. Some states like Pennsylvania don’t have mandatory reporting so the license plate isn’t as instrumental in finding them, but in Maryland, it works great.

Anchor: Alright, you hate to think about those things but you need to if want to have a happy holiday. Thank you so much!

Charles: Have a happy holiday everybody!

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