FOX45 Morning News – Vacation Injuries – 7/2/18 Transcript

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Megan: Is Seven forty six, a couple of stories involving vacation injuries here, making headlines this morning an American tourist is dead. Ten others hurt, after a tour boat explodes in the Bahamas, the royal Bahamas police says ten tourists and two locals. Were on board when the engine exploded, Saturday four people were air lifted, to a Florida hospital. The other’s including the boats captain were treated locally the cause of that explosion is now under investigation. And terrifying moments for a vacationer in Australia over the weekend, a women feeding yeah she was feeding; a pack of sharks, is bitten by one of them. And is dragged into the water, the shark involved was a tiny nurse shark the bite left the woman’s finger bloody, but she’s going to be okay. Well we just saw an accidents can happen on vacations, but do you know what to do if you or someone in your family were to get hurt? Especially if it’s out of state or even maybe the country. Right now we have attorney Charles Gilman joining us this morning, with Gilman at the [01:14] as an LLC, here with tips that could really protect all of us, thank you so much for being here.

Charles: Oh, good morning Megan and thank you.

Megan: You know when your packing sun lotion and towels, you’re not thinking about insurance and how things work medically overseas or you know out of state even, what are some things we need to keep in mind?

Charles: Well, the first thing you want to do if something does happen you want to make sure, you get the appropriate medical care cause that’s the most important issue. Your health and wellbeing, second of all what you want to be doing is if it’s an automobile accident or a boat accident like we just heard about. You want to gather witness information, names of other people that might be around and talk to somebody make a report of it. Whether it’s the police, the coast guard or some sort of authority, you want to report. You want an incident report.

Megan: And that would include, names of those witnesses, phone numbers, you know what kind of information do we need?

Charles: Names and phone numbers are the best things to get because witnesses are very powerful, if you have to make a claim or file a lawsuit. And you know again whether the authorities, the police or the coast guard whoever it is, is going to take care of some of that for you, but never count on them one hundred percent.

Megan: That’s a scary fact, if you’re out of state let’s say you’re in Texas you know are there different laws, you need to be thinking of how do you find out what those laws are. What do you need, to know?

Charles: Well the laws can be different from state to state, but you know a lot of laws are very similar in their nuances. So what you want to do is if you’re from Maryland and you have an accident in Texas, you call a Maryland attorney that you know, that attorney may not be able to represent you but they’ll be your local attorney. And they’ll work with your attorney from Texas. One of the major differences is the statute of limitations, different states have different time limits, once you can file a lawsuit. And you know if you don’t file it timely, that’s one of the biggest problems you can have, so you want your local attorney to either know that or either affiliate with an attorney who does, so you don’t miss your deadline.

Megan: And how does that work, can you file it here in Maryland or in another state. Can you do it once you get home, or do you do it while you’re there on vacation?

Charles: You can file, per-say a claim from Maryland but you know you really need an attorney to help you. Cause it’s not per say going to a court house and filing.

Megan: Right.

Charles: It’s sending letters, or emails nowadays and things like that, so it can be done here locally, when you get back home.

Megan: So last, thing to think about it’s important to protect yourself?

Charles: Absolutely you want to make sure, your protected and you hope you never need to worry about this on vacation. But sometimes like we just heard unfortunately things do happen.

Megan: Thank you for coming in, we do appreciate your time.

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