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Common Types Of Birth Injuries

The arrival of a newborn is supposed to be a joyful and exciting time in a person’s life. When your child suffers a birth injury during the delivery process, however, a happy time can turn into a time of stress and sorrow. When an infant suffers injuries during the birthing process, whether temporary or permanent, it’s important to speak to a seasoned personal injury attorney about the legal rights and remedies available to you.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

  • Brachial Plexus Injuries/Erb’s Palsy: This form of injury occurs when a newborn’s upper arm is injured during the delivery process, and can result in weakness in the arm and an inability to use certain arm muscles. 
  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage: This occurs when a newborn experiences a significant amount of pressure during delivery, leading to the rupture of blood vessels in the eye. 
  • Cerebral Palsy: This is one of the most common birth-related injuries–thousands of infants are diagnosed with the disorder each year. The condition affects the child’s brain and causes motor deficiency and partial or complete muscle paralysis. 
  • Shoulder Dystocia: This form of injury occurs when a newborn’s head and shoulders become trapped during delivery. Complications from shoulder dystocia can be extremely severe and can result in difficulty breathing, fractured bones, and in rare cases, death. 
  • Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE): This form of brain damage is suffered when a newborn does not receive enough oxygen and blood to his or her brain. This is an extremely serious condition which requires immediate medical attention and can cause epilepsy, developmental impairments, and impaired motor skills. 

What Compensation Could I Be Entitled To?

Addressing an injury to your child during birth can be extremely taxing, both financially and emotionally. If your newborn has suffered a birth injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation to alleviate some of your financial hardships. Damages for birth injuries can include financial compensation for: 

  • Medical expenses incurred to treat the birth injury, as well as costs of future medical care if the birth injury resulted in a permanent disability; 
  • Medical devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, and modifications to vehicles or homes; and
  • Income lost by parents if they weren’t able to work as a result of the child’s birth injuries.

While there is no amount of money that can take a way the pain of your child suffering an injury during birth, financial compensation may also be available for pain and suffering endured by the child, along with emotional anguish suffered as a result of the injury.

Has Your Child Experienced a Birth Injury? We Can Help

If you are a new parent in Pennsylvania whose child suffered injuries during the birthing process, the team of personal injury attorneys at Gilman & Bedigian is standing by to help. You may be eligible to obtain compensation to cover costs such as therapy, medical care, and treatment for your child’s injuries. To speak with an attorney about your child’s injuries and determine the next steps that you should take, fill out an online case evaluation form or call (800) 529-6162 today. 

About the Author

Briggs Bedigian
Briggs Bedigian

H. Briggs Bedigian (“Briggs”) is a founding partner of Gilman & Bedigian, LLC.  Prior to forming Gilman & Bedigian, LLC, Briggs was a partner at Wais, Vogelstein and Bedigian, LLC, where he was the head of the firm’s litigation practice.  Briggs’ legal practice is focused on representing clients involved in medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury cases. 


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