Philadelphia Bicycle Accident Injuries

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With very little safety equipment to protect you, bike accidents can lead to some of the most devastating injuries that you can suffer on the roads of Philadelphia. This is especially true if the bike accident was caused or otherwise involved a motor vehicle of some sort. Even the smallest cars on the road weigh more than a ton, carrying enough force to seriously hurt a biker in even low-speed accidents.

The injuries that you sustain in a bike accident are not just severe and potentially life-threatening: they can also be incredibly costly. If you or someone you love has been hurt in a bike accident in or near the city of Philadelphia, getting the legal representation from the personal injury attorneys at Gilman & Bedigian can be the best way to ensure your financial well-being is not also harmed by the crash. With our legal team on your side, you can get the compensation you need to make a full recovery from your injuries.

Common Bike Accident Injuries in Philadelphia

Every bike accident is different. However, there are a small handful of injuries that appear more often than others. These injuries range from straightforward to incredibly complex, and from relatively trivial to the life-threatening or even fatal.

For even the most minor injury, though, there is no reason why you should have to bear the costs of your recovery when you were not the one who was ultimately responsible for the crash. That cost should fall on the person whose negligence caused the accident because, between you and them, they were the party responsible for the accident.

Wrist Injuries

Out of all of the injuries that you can suffer in a bike accident, wrist injuries are some of the most common, as well as the least severe. With that said, though, while wrist injuries are almost never life-threatening, they are still very debilitating in the months after the crash. Worse, many people who use their hands to make a living can find themselves in a dire situation if they hurt their wrist in a bike accident, as they will be unable to earn an income in their line of work.

Unfortunately, wrist injuries are almost impossible to avoid in bike accidents. A natural instinct after a bike collision is to extend your hand to try to break your fall. This instinct, while it can reduce the impact with the ground enough to prevent or minimize other injuries, frequently ends with a sprained or broken wrist, hand, or forearm.

Leg Injuries

Another very common but non-life-threatening injury that cyclists often suffer in a bike crash is a leg injury. These are especially prevalent when the crash involved a motor vehicle, and that vehicle collided with the biker from the side. The impact of collisions like these are frequently intense enough to break a cyclist’s shin, femur, or pelvis, or cause serious damage to the biker’s knee, ankle, or foot.

Injuries like these are especially difficult for bikers because most cyclists are used to living an active lifestyle. Serious leg injuries take this away from bike accident victims, and any loss of power or mobility will lead to a significant decrease in life’s enjoyments.

Road Rash

Yet another common injury that bikers suffer in bike crashes is road rash. The contact that a cyclist’s skin makes on the blacktop is often intense enough to strip one or several layers of skin away. This can be one of the most painful injuries that you suffer in a bike accident, both during the crash as well as in the immediate aftermath, when part of the emergency care that you will receive involves an intensive cleaning of the affected area.

While this treatment is one of the most painful that you can endure, if it is done poorly or neglected it can lead to a life-threatening infection as bacteria is given a free pass through your body’s first and strongest line of defense.

Back Injuries

Back injuries, while less common, can be among the most severe types of injuries that are found relatively often in bike accidents.

Injuries to a cyclist’s back are particularly common when the collision was caused by a motor vehicle from the side of the biker. In these cases, the jolt from the collision pushes the biker in a way that his or her back muscles are poorly designed to protect against. This often causes severe strains or torn muscles in your back or core, and can even damage your spinal cord.

Head and Neck Injuries

Finally, head injuries are probably the worst types of injuries that you can suffer in a bike accident. Even if you were wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, the impact with the car that hit you and then with the ground as you get thrown from your bike can be intense enough to cause concussions or severe neck injuries that are debilitating over the long term.

Worse, injuries to your head or neck are incredibly complicated, often requiring numerous surgeries and complex medical procedures to get you back on your feet. They also frequently impact the nerves which are clustered in these parts of your body, causing a source of chronic pain or a debilitating loss of movement or strength. The complexity of head injuries can be even worse, causing paralysis or mental problems that can alter the course of your life.

Gilman & Bedigian: Bike Accident Attorneys in Philadelphia

If you have been hurt in a bike accident in Philadelphia, you need legal help to get the compensation that you need and deserve to overcome the terrible injuries that you have been put through, thanks to someone else’s negligence.

This is where the personal injury lawyers at Gilman & Bedigian come in. Our attorneys represent injured bikers in court constantly, advocating on their behalf and getting them the compensation they need. Contact us online for the legal representation that can keep your financial future secure after such a terrible accident.

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