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New questions tonight about the death of a woman in Baltimore County two days after she fell from a stretcher in a county ambulance are Eye team uncovered this story lead investigative reporter Jane Miller’s live in the newsroom with an update Jane.

Jane: Kate the county executive took on a question today about this case as a lawyer for the woman’s family says there’s no question what happened during the transport led to her death.

Interviewee: At what went wrong, we know something went wrong because the result is out of the ordinary.

Jane: Charles Gilman is a lawyer for the family of the seventy two year old woman who died two days after being injured when the stretcher she was on fell while being loaded into a Baltimore County ambulance. The woman was a diabetic the reason Gillman says the ambulance was called to the Randallstown nursing home where she was living, but the fall he says caused a serious injury.

Lawyer: We have a woman that was transported from a nursing home to a hospital and en route ended up with a head injury that’s the extent of our knowledge and we believe that the head injuries ultimately what killed this woman.

Jane: The County in a statement issued to us called the injuries the woman suffered minor. Gillman says the woman complained of headaches that two days she was hospitalized before her death.

Gilman: One of her sons told me that she was seeing spots which to me is an indication of a head injury which is consistent with what the children do know she did not have a head injury when she went left the nursing home and she did when she got to North West.

Jane: A source familiar with the incident says the stretcher and patient may have fallen because of previous damage to the stretcher preventing the stretcher from locking in place. The county executive who is today asked should all of the counties ambulance equipment be inspected.

Man: We are you know obviously saddened for the family for their loss. But right now we’re currently doing an investigation as to what the course of events were I mean we don’t know that the fall resulted in the unfortunate demise.

Jane: We have requested from the county inspection reports for the counties ambulances not available we’re told because of the investigation reporting live tonight from the newsroom I’m Jane Miller W B A L T V eleven News.

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