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Tonight legal action against St Joseph Medical Center and a cardiologist who worked there an attorney at the law firm Weiss and Vogelstein says he filed a six count complaint it alleges medical negligence and fraud the medical center says former patients of its cat lab may have received stents that were not medically necessary Hospital officials say they do not believe the patients are at immediate risk but they’re notifying them of the situation.

Interviewee: In our case, our first case in particular, there were two stents placed one was medically indicated and we do not dispute that. The other one however was completely unindicated it was an unnecessary procedure. My client actually got word of this from his own cardiologist.

Anchor: The attorney says he’s seeking both com…tory and imputative damages for his clients … physician performed the cardiac catheterization is no longer employed by the hospital.

Anchor: On to a big story now tonight at five o’clock, more fallout over medical procedures performed in a Tausan hospital that patients didn’t need. And now one patient is suing Saint Joseph Medical Center and the doctor at the center of the controversy.

Female anchor: Eleven news eye team reporter Barry Sims live tonight in Tausan with that story, Barry.

Barry: Well an attorney for one of the victims calls it a breach of trust and a lawsuit seeks a financial remedy.

Attorney Briggs: To send a person for a single vessel bypass. Seems to me this seems to be a bit like hitting a fly with a sledgehammer.

Barry: Dr Mark Maday appeared on WALT.V. several times to explain health issues involving the heart but a patient complaint led to questions about procedures he performed a federal investigation and hospitals review found hundreds of cases where he placed stents in patients arteries that weren’t medically necessary now at least one victim has filed a claim with a health care alternative dispute resolution office. Attorney Briggs Bedigian represents Thomas Jaffe senior of Finksburg.

Attorney Briggs: There were two stents placed, one was medically indicated we do not dispute that the other one however was completely unindicated it was an unnecessary procedure.

Barry: The complaint is against Dr Maday and St Joseph Medical Center it alleges medical malpractice, fraud, negligent hiring and retention and negligent supervision by the hospital.

Attorney Briggs: And we don’t know is whether we have truly just a rogue physician, who is out there for his own financial benefit or whether we have a more implicit scheme if you will where we have seen St Joseph’s hospital gain financial benefit from all of these unnecessary procedures.

Barry: In response a St Joseph’s spokeswoman says the physician is no longer employed or affiliated with the hospital she says St Joseph’s was guided by the belief that it has a moral and ethical responsibility to inform these patients of what happened this is consistent with our mission and core values it was the right thing to do. Questions about potential liability remain to be resolved S J M C takes its responsibility to patients very seriously which is why we conducted a review and notified patients and physicians, our focus has been and will continue to be to put patients first.

Now we attempted to reach Dr Maday we were told that he is not ready to comment just yet reporting live from Tausan Barry Sims WBLT.V. eleven news.

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