Baltimore Injury Lawyers Transcript Part 1

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We see them a bait fires they are the support team for police and fire fighters and tonight A.B.C. Two News Cheryl Connor is learning about financial trouble for the central alarmer’s, Cheryl.

Cheryl: And Jamie members have a club going, they are all volunteer they love the serve and they operate primarily on donations the central alarmers are out more than fifty thousand dollars it’s a setback that could change how they are able to respond.

Alarmer: The canteen truck has fired up for seventeen years to keep all the hot dogs in the freezer until we’re ready to use them.

Reporter: Volunteers including the cooks Jeanette Kamsky are always ready to respond when you see police and firefighters able to work endless hours here is their backbone.

Jeanette: Granola bars.

Reporter: The central alarmers in Baltimore county runs the food truck that responds in Hartford County and into Pennsylvania, food and dehydration keep first responders on top of their game.

Jeannette: The firefighter he goes into a building he comes out he’s dehydrated or a lot of people don’t even realize that they get hungry.

Reporter: Now the central armors are the ones hungry for help, they place the fifty two thousand dollars down payment on the new food truck and the P.A. Company Cremise custom body can’t finish the job or give them a refund. Attorney Charles Gilman is doing the legwork for the alarmer’s.

Charles: They’re not going to be able to recoup it he had no insurance at the time and he’s got no bank accounts or no assets for us to attach to to get that money back.

Reporter: The phone numbers to reach Cremise are disconnected the central armors ordered the first struck from the company without a problem but they noticed business starting to change a few years ago at this point they don’t expect a return of their money but these volunteer members aren’t giving up.

Member: I don’t know. We might never see it.

Reporter: And the central alarmers have secured another loan for a new food truck it will arrive next month but as they think about other aging trucks they say that fifty two thousand dollars loss sets them back about two years, live in the newsroom Cheryl Conner A.B.C. Two News.

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