Baltimore Injury Lawyers Transcript Part 5

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Speaker 1: Hello I’m Jeff Bart.

Speaker 2: And I’m Karen parks a surgical scandal a man filed suit against a Baltimore area hospital claiming he underwent an unnecessary surgery.

Speaker 1: Crime just reported joy the Paula tells us money may have fuelled this surgery.

Speaker 3: Dr Mark Medi once considered a well-respected cardiologist now at the centre of a civil lawsuit that could cost him and St Joseph Medical Centre millions.

Speaker 4: This was a tremendous breach of trust it’s the ultimate violation of a physician.

Speaker 2: its suspected Medina was putting stents in patients who didn’t need them and this particular case Tom Shafi needed one stent but he came out of surgery with two.

Speaker 4: This is a gigantic business I mean the finances, finances clearly could be a motive in this case.

Speaker 2: This marks the first civil lawsuit to be filed but the attorney suspect’s it won’t be the last there is also a federal investigation into possible Medicare fraud.

Speaker 5: And it worries me, whether I have a stent in me and I really didn’t need one.

Speaker 2: It was back in two thousand and eight Bill Butka received a stent at St Joseph, at the time he didn’t think anything of it.

Speaker 5: When they told me that I had a problem a blockage surely you’re going to trust your doctor that there’s a problem and you’ve got to get it done quick so I just more or less did everything that they say.

Speaker 2: And now this lawsuit has been filed Bill has his doubts of whether the procedure was needed.

Speaker 5: I wanted to find out exactly did my stent.

Speaker 2: So far there is no evidence Bill was a victim in this scheme and that comes as good news for this father.

Speaker 5: I got a little boy I got to take care of.

Speaker 2: Joy Appola fox forty five news at ten.

Speaker 1: And tonight St Joseph released a statement saying in part that it does not believe patients getting the stent are at immediate risk.

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