Baltimore Injury Lawyers Transcript Part 4

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Apple tossing I Phone four users a bone admitting there is a problem but Apple says it’s not what you’ve been complaining about for days.

Speaker 2: Hundreds of thousands, you just moved thousands, to get your hands on the new I Phone four and instantly it looks like the reception stinks that’s the key according to Apple it looks bad but they say it’s not company put out a letter to owners of the fast selling smartphone following a flood of lawsuits Stacey Cohen is here now to break down the story Stacy.

Speaker 1: Well Brian in just the first week of sales the i Phone four has found its way into one point seven million hands around the world but wrapping those hands around the new product seems to block out the phone function of the i Phone four. Well now the company says the reception problem is really a perception problem.

Speaker 3: Remember this apple addicts and new converts camped out all night here and around the globe to be the first to handle the i Phone four it was instant gratification. But for some the infatuation was fleeting i Phone four users began to complain of dropped calls and poor reception Apple chairman Steve Jobs initially blamed users for holding the phone in a way that blocked the exterior antenna and this is the response. One Maryland man says he got when he called to complain.

Speaker 4: Mr McAfee for example caught a TNT from the apple store the day he started having problems and they said. Sure you can bring it back but you have to pay a forty five to sixty five dollars restocking fee.

Speaker 3: Temonnium attorney Charles Gilman now represents Kevin McCaffrey and others in a class action lawsuit against Apple a California firm has also issued a call for angered I phone users amidst the i Phone fury the company has now released a response that says in part gripping almost any mobile phone in certain ways will reduce its reception by one or more bars and. Upon investigation we were stunned to learn that the formula we used to calculate how many bars of signal strength, is displayed is totally wrong the company goes on to explain the failed reception is really a problem of displaying a strong signal with several bars in areas where actually the reception is poor and Apple promises a software update in a few weeks, Charles Gilman is underwhelmed.

Speaker 4: To me it doesn’t fix the problem because whether or not the phone shows one two three or four or five bars it doesn’t matter what people want to do is make phone calls.

Speaker 3: Apple’s reportedly allowing users to return phones without that restocking fee but that has not slowed complaints nor stemmed the interest in the class action lawsuit Moreen.

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