Baltimore Injury Lawyers Transcript Part 3

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Rod: Good evening I’m Rod Daniels.

Mary: And I’m Mary Anne- Banister former St Joseph Medical Centre cardiologist Marc Ma Day is already facing civil lawsuits over questionable stents, but tonight the state board responsible for licensing doctors has now weighed in a live news reporter George lettuce has more now on the boards findings.

George: The Maryland Board of Physicians says Dr Ma Day convinced patients to undergo procedures based upon falsified information. Five years ago Frank Ward was a heart patient at St Joseph’s Medical Centre now he’s a plaintiff in a lawsuit targeting the renowned hospital and its former top cardiologist Dr Mark May Day for giving him expensive. And risky treatment doctors now say he didn’t need.

Frank: Betrayed, disappointed in that he would take, and put somebodies life at risk.

George: Now the Maryland Board of physicians is involved releasing the charges it’s filed against Dr Ma Day, unprofessional conduct gross overutilization of health care. Will-fully making a false report and failure to keep good medical records, it said he recommended and ultimately inserted heart stents into hundreds of patients that did not need them stents are tubes that help prevent artery blockage. Frank Ward says he had too many stents in his heart he eventually had bypass surgery.

Frank: With them being, you know highly recommended, we went with it.

George: An investigation revealed some of Dr Ma Day’s patients actually had a thirty to forty percent artery blockage not the eighty percent Ma Day reported Ward’s attorney claims it was all about profits over patients.

Speaker 5: We don’t know how deep through the system this runs it just after Ma Day administration it was ordering Dr Ma Day to do it.

George: Ma Day has maintained his innocence supporters have started a website on his behalf one of his former patients writes, I consider him to be an outstanding professional doctor and surgeon and would not hesitate to have him as. My surgeon again for any heart related care Meanwhile Ward is not sure what’s next for his health or if he can ever trust a doctor again. Now St Joseph’s hospital has no specific comment tonight only to say it is cooperating with the board of physicians as it relates to information about Dr Ma Day’s work there in the newsroom George Lettuce. TVL, TV eleven news.

Mary: George a quick question for you does this mean that criminal charges most likely will be coming next?

George: Could be, but we do know tonight that these charges open the door for him to lose his license to practice medicine back to you.

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