Baltimore Injury Lawyers Transcript Part 2

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The Hunt Valley family is stunned, meantime tonight after the sentencing of a drunk driver responsible for a fatal crash that killed a loved one Keith Daniel says the sentence is not enough for the family Keith.

Speaker 2: Right Jeff a judge say’s the drunk driver in the crash sent to two years in prison the family pleaded for the maximum sentence but did not get it when Jan Roberta talks about her daughter Ashley it’s difficult. A Pleasant mood can be turned sombre Ashley’s death devastated a family.

Speaker 3: My husband’s the bravest man I know, and it just broke us both crying like a baby night, after night.

Speaker 2: The family blames Maria Espinosa Ashley best friend for the pain. Espinosa was legally intoxicated nearly double the legal limit as she drove her two thousand and seven infinity, with Ashley on the George Washington Parkway in two thousand and nine. She ran off the road, the crash killed Ashley she was twenty two years old a judge sentenced Espinosa today in Alexandria Virginia to two years in prison, Ashley’s mother.

Speaker 3: I just wanted justice for my daughter.

Speaker 2: Pleaded with the judge to give Espinosa forty seven months the maximum sentence allowed but the judge handed down a lesser penalty.

Speaker 3: There’s nothing I can do now I wanted to fight so hard for my daughter we did. But that was the result I have to live with it.

Speaker 2: Ashley’s mother says it’s not over.

Speaker 3: She was drunk.

Speaker 2: She met today with the family’s attorney they’re now considering a civil lawsuit against Espinosa and.

Speaker 4: We’re looking at claims against infinity for a potential products liability claim because the car if you saw the pictures literally split in half. We believe there may be some liability on the bar that had the event where Maria was drinking because of her blood alcohol level.

Speaker 3: It was excessive speed that killed her and a drunken driver, Maria Espinosa.

Speaker 2: While after prison Espinosa will face a three year supervised probation period we should also note Charlie Davies a member of the D.C. soccer team was also in that crash he survived Keith Daniels forty five News at Ten.

Speaker 1: Hi Keith thanks so much our quest of the day all day today we asked you do you agree with this sentence ninety one percent of you say no Octavia writes on Facebook Nope it should have been much longer Tammy writes. After the death of her friend she was already sentenced for life go to Fox Baltimore dot com and tell us what you think you can sound off through Facebook send us a tweet text your answer to forty five to zero three then a fox forty five A for yes Fox forty five B. For no, and your response may or tonight at eleven on the late edition.

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