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Speaker 1:The young woman responsible for a friend's death in a horrific drunk driving crash will have to spend two years in prison tonight the victim's mother says she does not believe that the driver is sorry for what happened back in two thousand. And she's making some shocking accusations as well Christian Schaffer filed this report earlier tonight.

Speaker 2: Every day never stops the pain never, goes away.

Speaker 1: This morning seventeen months after the crash that killed her daughter Jan Roberta sat in federal court in Virginia and watched twenty three year old Maria Espinosa of Howard County receive a two year sentence plus three years' probation. In court Espinosa said quote I'm not a bad person but I made a bad choice I should have shared the same fate as Ashley if not traded places with her Jan Roberta didn't buy it.

Speaker 2: I think she was sorry, that day and maybe it was for herself, because right now she's going to prison.

Speaker 1: In fact Jan Roberta, has been saving pictures like this which show Marie Espinosa out drinking and she says they were taken after the crash.

Speaker 2: One month, to the day after the crash she was out doing shots.

Speaker 1: And prosecutors say Espinosa was even out drinking at least three times after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in November.

Speaker 2: I just don't understand, if I had my best friend she should consider a friend die. And I had blood on my hands, I can't imagine not changing my life.

Speaker 1: Ashley Roberta's family is suing Maria Espinosa along with the bar in Washington where she was drinking they're seeking millions in damages.

Speaker 3: Jan is not going to rest until she exhausts every remedy that's available to her and this is just one of the remedies.

Speaker 1: Jan Roberta's says it's like a nightmare you never wake up from.

Speaker 2: Every day I think about my daughter and tell her, how much I love her and how much I miss her.

Speaker 1: Two years in prison for the women responsible in prison for her daughter's death won't change that reporting for Baltimore County Christian Schaefer A.B.C. two News.

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