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Alright updating you now in breaking news from tonight three times the legal limit that's how much alcohol police say was in state delegate Don Dwyer system when he crashed his boat back in August.

Speaker 2: Dwyer and six other people including five children were injured in that crash and in a surprising move Dwyer's not the only one facing charges tonight A.B.C. to his Christian [00:20] has been following the story, he's here live with the very latest Chris Kelly that operating under the influence charge the delegate is facing is very serious but the driver of the other boat was also charged tonight his attorney tells me it doesn't make any sense at all. Five children who were on or riding on a float behind this boat back in August are said to be doing okay including a five year old girl whose skull was fractured in the crash on the maggothie river the day after it happened delegate Don Dwyer of entering the County held a news conference outside the Trauma admitting he had been drinking.

Dwyer: it is true that I was drinking while operating my boat yesterday it's also been reported that, nmy blood alcohol level was [01:01] now the Department of Natural Resources Police believes say's his blood alcohol level was actually point to four and they have charged Dwyer, with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol along with reckless operation and negligent operation D.N.R. police also charged this man Mark Randy Harben who was the driver of the other boat that crashed his attorney tells A.B.C. two News that's ridiculous.

Speaker 3: The accident wouldn't have happen had the Dwyer boat not cut in front of the harpoon boat.

Speaker 2: He says according to witnesses the delegates boat the remains of which you see here was going too fast when it cut off Randy Harben's boat but a news release from the Department of Natural Resources Police reads quote both operators contributed to the accident when neither operator adjusted speed nor took the necessary action with ample time to avoid a collision Randy Harben is charged with the rules of the road violation and negligent operation his attorney says he plans to fight those charges.

Speaker 3: Sooner or later it's going to get educated in a court of law and a judge is going to look at this. And we're very confident that Mr Harben is going to be fully exonerated and that the Dwyer boat will be held at fault for this accident.

Speaker 2: If you total up all the charges filed against delegates Dwyer today the maximum penalty he could receive his one year in jail and a nineteen hundred and forty dollars fine the delegate did not respond to our request for comment tonight live the news from Christian Schaefer A.B.C. two News.

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